BG5™ Foundation, Semester 1


Classes start Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 4:00 pm  Pacific (23:00 GMT)
In the first Semester of the BG5™ Foundation Course we will introduce Career Types, Personal Interaction, Decision-Making and Assimilation. In addition, your Nine Functions and Shadow Distraction and Shadow Detail will be covered.

Classes will be held Tuesdays at 23:00 GMT or 4:00 pm Pacific Time
Teacher: Karen Sherwood & Andrea Abay-Abay
Dates: 9/19/17- 12/5/17  – 10 Classes – Approximately 90 min – 2 hours
2 semester breaks – October 10th and November 21

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Semester 1:
Personal Operating Style

Personal Operating Style
Understanding how we operate in the material world.

Areas of Study:

1. Career Types
2. Personal Interaction
3. Decision-Making
4. Assimilation
5. Nine Functions
6. Shadow Distraction & Detail



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Required Materials:

  • Materials will be provided.

* Students who have successfully completed the IHDS Foundation Classes can apply to enroll directly in the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course. Please contact for more information.