BG5™ Consultant Certification, Semester 1


Classes starts September 19, 2017 – Tuesdays at 10:00 am Pacific
Ten Tuesdays – September 19 – December 5, 2017

(2 breaks – Oct. 10th and Nov. 21st)
In this Semester we build the foundation for our studies by covering BG5™ terminology, fundamentals of Comparative Analysis, Types, Personal Interaction, Decision Making and Environments. We will also introduce Small and Large Groups and learn to give a Career Overview. Teacher: Karen Sherwood.

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Semester 1:
Comparative Analysis 1

Comparative I
Understanding the fundamentals

Areas of Study:
1. BG5™ Foundation Review
2. Fundamentals of Comparative Analysis
3. Career Type, Personal Interaction
4. Decision Making Strategy
5. Environments
6. Small & Large Group Intro
7. Career Overview

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  • BG5™ Foundation (Semesters 1 & 2)*

Required Materials:

  • A one-time BG5™ Career & Business Software and License fee of $1500.00 is due by the end of the second Semester of the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course. Please inquire at
  • BG5™ Student Manual ebooks. Visit our Bookstore.

* Students who have successfully completed the IHDS Foundation Classes (Rave ABCs and Rave Cartography) can apply to enroll directly in the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course. Please contact for more information.

Karen Sherwood

Tuesdays at 10:00 am Pacific starting September 19, 2017
10 Classes –  9/19/2017 – 12/5/2017