Sample BG5™ Career Design Analysis

Sample of the BG5™ Career Design Analysis
(How to Use Your BG5™ Success Code)

Endless possibilities for individual uniqueness lie within our genetic matrix, and contrary to what society has taught us, each of us is meant to be different from everyone else. Now you can clearly see and capitalize on those differences, and empower your career and business in a bold new way. Based on a revolutionary new methodology, the BG5™ Success Code provides you with a very specific map to your unique design, as well as the practical tools needed to live “your” life with satisfaction and success. All you have to do to validate your Success Code is experience it for yourself.

The following is a taste of the first 5 elements that are included in a full BG5™ Career Design Analysis. (Each of the items below will be expanded upon in the full Analysis session.)

Career Type: Classic Builder
Your Career Type shows you how you’re designed to express yourself in the business world. Understanding your type allows you to live out the purpose of your unique Career Design, and work with it rather than resist it.

You’re designed to work, and to love the work you do, completely exhausting your measure of creative energy every day. When you’re in the right job you have an internal resource that regenerates, and doesn’t give up until what it has committed to is accomplished. This is what brings you deep satisfaction with your work, and a restful, regenerating night’s sleep. The other Career Types are looking outward – Innovators are focused on initiating and impacting, Advisors focus on guiding others, and Evaluators provide an objective assessment of world around them. You, however, are focused on knowing your self, and understanding your own process and purpose. You build a satisfying life through your work, and how and where you put your efforts. The right work actually transforms your life, and slows down the degenerative process of your body.

Personal Interaction: Respond, then Engage
Your Personal Interaction is a function of your Career Type. It’s the mechanism that allows you to contribute your energy in a productive and unique way to the world around you.

As a Classic Builder, you generate the creative life-force that provides resources for the world and its systems. You bring your energy to any person or group that you interact with. You have a presence about you that is enveloping and embracing. This presence transmits your creative/creating life force into the world, and establishes a field of potential ‘availability’ around you. People will notice this and want to engage you, and it’s at this moment that you have the opportunity to get involved in what is being asked of you or turn it away, depending upon the result that comes from using your Decision Making Strategy.

Decision Making Strategy: Gut Response
Your Decision Making Strategy is your best way to make trustworthy decisions that will lead you correctly down your unique path through the business world. You’ve been taught by the world around you to give this authority away.

Your Decision Making Strategy is the heart and soul of you succeeding in the work you do in the world. You’re designed to make decisions as yourself, and not give your authority away to others. The key component for you is to develop the patience to allow life to come to you, rather than feeling pressured to initiate action. You’re designed to listen to and follow your Gut Response, and then engage with your powerful and creative energy. While it may seem unnerving to make decisions this way, rather than going after something, in this way you’ll know what is true for you, and where to best put your focus in order to achieve satisfaction and success in the business world. This decision making strategy requires practice. A complete understanding of how to work with your strategy is provided in the full BG5™ Career Design Analysis.

Life Theme: Satisfaction or Frustration
Your Life Theme is a simple but profound signpost that alerts you to whether or not you are staying on track.

There are two general themes for you. You have the opportunity to experience either Satisfaction (that feeling within that you are truly connected to the work you’re doing, and that you’re being supported in that work), or Frustration (a feeling of being stuck in, and not supported and exhausted by the work you’re doing). When your work is satisfying, you perfect and sustain the process of bringing inspiration into form. By using the tools in the BG5™ Success Code, you’ll discover the secret to experiencing more Satisfaction.

Assimilation: Synthesizing
You’re designed to digest information and process it in a specific way. Understanding your Assimilation allows you to integrate what goes on around you so that your unique gifts are utilized.

The assimilation of information doesn’t happen for you immediately. You’re designed to allow yourself time to properly integrate and digest information and experiences. In order to do this, you need a variety of experiences, such as interacting with different associates, friends or groups. Assimilation is also enhanced for you by spending time in public places, such as coffee houses, gyms, malls, etc.

Full BG5™ Career Design Analysis

The full BG5™ Career Design Analysis is an empowering resource and a detailed map for the living of your BG5™ Success Code. Working with a consultant will allow you to synthesize all aspects of the analysis together, as well as to receive practical individual guidance in terms of how to incorporate this within your career and business scenarios.

Your Full BG5™ Career Design Analysis contains the 16 tools that you will need:

  1. Career Type (how do you best express yourself in the world)
  2. Personal Interaction (how do you best interact with others)
  3. Decision-Making Strategy (what is your trustworthy decision making tool)
  4. Life Theme (important signposts to keep you on track)
  5. Assimilation (how do you process information)
  6. Environment Style (what work setting do you operate best in)
  7. Business Skills (what abilities do you bring to the table)
  8. Team and Business Attributes (what do you bring to small groups)
  9. The Nine Functions (which functions define your consistent strengths)
  10. Shadows/Distractions (where are you taken off track)
  11. Public Role (how do you manifest your purpose in the world)
  12. Life Work (what is the overall theme of your purpose in the world)
  13. General Thematics (are you focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support)
  14. Strengths and Contributions (what are the gifts that you bring to the world)
  15. Characteristics and Qualities (what is your unique expression of these gifts)
  16. Large Business and Group Strengths (do you belong in large groups)

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