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Have you completed the BG5 Foundation courses? 

Using Human Design for Business to help others re-evaluate their careers to discover themselves and their unique identities can improve their businesses and bottom lines.

BG5 is a cutting-edge tool for business, and the goal is not to be awake but to improve the bottom line. 

How can we help people make a living? 

How can we make things very simple to make a difference, even if people are not interested in the esoteric or transformation?

2022 Gallup Poll showed that only 21% of US Employees Are Engaged

In the U.S., 50% of workers reported feeling stressed at their jobs daily, 41% as being worried, 22% as sad, and 18% as angry.

Not only is my goal to improve your bottom line, but I'm keen on teaching you how to help these people who have this problem as well because the difference between BG5 and Human Design offers them a solution you can get paid for, with rave reviews.

I have personally worked with the Human Design System since 2012, learning BG5 beginning in 2015 and certifying Human Design Professionals since 2018.

Having been deeply immersed in walking both paths at once, I am keenly aware of the differences in our approach. The BG5 method tackles problems from a more practical, business-related viewpoint. This path is not spiritual or awakening. It is how to improve the bottom line; in other words, how do you make more money?

How do you operate correctly in a business environment?

Our material thematics, direction, and capacity in our career maps can be cultivated and further developed if understood. Having witnessed the radical shifts a decade of experimentation has made in my life, this typing system can facilitate Success in one's life thanks to leveraging our design using the tools we need to operate correctly.

Do you want to help others bring in the material resources they need?

BG5 is essential information for this aim. What makes BG5 different is that the goal is not to wake people up. The goal is to guide individuals in finding fulfillment and Success in the material world of career and business.

BG5 provides tools and uses business language for a broader reach. We offer practical solutions to their issues or concerns in a language that makes sense in the business world.

In human design, one often tries to eliminate or remove conditioning. 

In BG5, it's about eliminating the ignorance of conditioning and even leveraging the conditioning.

You see any Center (or Function, as we call it, in BG5) open or undefined in you is your opportunity for wisdom.

BG5 teaches you to stop identifying with what's moving through you, so you can take advantage of what is moving through you.

So, instead of trying to decondition, we can take advantage of whatever that conditioning happens to be.

BG5 is the evolution of Human Design

It was part of Ra Uru Hu's vision to create a way to significantly help those who were not drawn to the spiritual side because everyone needs to make a living.

The knowledge of human design is not just there for those who will wake up. Without teaching esoterics, we can make a Penta (a small business, group, or family) function correctly so that everyone benefits materially.

And even though it's not "transformational," one of the things we find is that, by its very nature, this work can't help but transform people. Transformation isn't why people hire career or business consultants. They engage you to advise them on how to fix whatever problem they are experiencing.

So ultimately, when we use BG5, we look at how we can improve things, what the problem is, and how we can provide a solution.

In BG5, we handle the fundamental issue that all human beings face: how to be prosperous materially in our jobs, careers, and businesses.

It feels enormously rewarding to help others see how they are designed to make money as themselves in a fulfilling way, to achieve their life's work and purpose.

Do you know what material success potentials get called out of us in large or small groups?

And what work environments do we work best in, how do we work best with others, what makes a partnership successful, and how do you create effective teams? 

You will when you study BG5. We deliver practical solutions to everyday dilemmas.

There are three sides to BG5.

  • We can help individuals find fulfillment in their careers and small or large businesses.
  • We can help them through the relational difficulties they encounter and advise them through the shifting times throughout the varying stages of their lives.
  • You can work with individuals and partnerships, consulting or coaching them to guide their careers and working relationships to help them find and fulfill their purpose. 

Take the next step to become a Certified BG5® Consultant.

BG5 Certification is perfect if you recognize Human Design's value and want to make a living doing what you love through empowering others in their career and business. 

It's time to become a high-caliber, global business and career consultant. The countdown to the 2027 shift is closing in. Learn to guide others to their highest material potential to gain your own financial rewards.

As a Certified BG5® and IHDS Faculty teacher with over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Laveena Archers is gifted in providing empowering career advice and guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs. She helps her clients market themselves effectively, lead their teams to increased efficiency and profitability, and discover their ideal career path that aligns with their passions and purpose. Laveena's unique leadership style combines imagination, inspiration, and a strong understanding of how individuals fit into the workplace to help others succeed and improve their bottom line. If you seek a meaningful and financially rewarding career in Human Design, Laveena can educate and help you connect your strengths, skills, and natural work style to the bigger picture. Get started with BG5 and take the first step towards a successful career that fulfills your life's work.