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OC16 Large Business Consultant Program ALL 3 Semesters - Course Starting Jan 2022


$4,800.00 $5,400.00

Also available with a payment plan : 11 monthly payments of $465.00

OC16 Consultant Certification Course

By the end of this course, along with the completion and approval of 3 Semester Projects, you will be able to deliver Alpha One Large Business Leadership Analysis and ongoing consulting by becoming an officially certified OC16 Large Business Consultant.

This is one of the most profound, eye-opening and transformational courses you will ever take at the BG5 Business Institute. You will gain deep insights into how the world functions, how we communicate and how we can successfully work together as humanity moving forward into the future.

OC16 is the foundational structure of groups and organizations of 10 or more people. In this course we will explore the underlying mechanics of how conditioning operates in a broader context. We will break down the fundamental elements and lines of communication within larger groups and organizations. We will uncover the hidden mechanism that controls humanity and how to use it in a positive and productive way.

Through this course you will understand how to engineer a larger group for success and give the owner, leader or manager the executive playbook that will allow them to create an organization where people are inspired, motivated, fulfilled and excited to work together as a family with a future to provide valued products and services that support and empower humanity. 

Three Semesters

Semester 1
In Semester 1 we will explore the trans-auric phenomenon known as the WA. Bees swarm, birds flock, fish school and we as humans Penta and WA. 

Learn the underlying mechanism that brings us together as humans and the profound impact the WA has on how we operate in the world. You will discover the six different lines of communication that create the underlying structure and controlling mechanism of any group of 10 or more people. We will explore the underlying hidden dynamics of large groups, organizations, and businesses including… 

    • What OC16/WA is and how it operates
    • The Superior and Inferior Penta Dynamics (upper and lower management)
    • In detail perspective of the six different Powerbases and lines of communication
    • The roles that each of us play within a large organization based on our design
    • And Much More!

The Semester 1 Project requires observation of yourself, humanity and the impact these large group dynamics have on your life or what you see happening in the world.

Semester 2
This semester starts with the practical application of how the WA Dynamics affect us on a personal level. We will dive into how to quickly recognize the WA influence in our charts, the roles we are designed to play, as well as what distracts us and throws us off track in the WA.

We will also look at how to build an effective OC16 from scratch starting with the Foundational Penta – growing through the Expansion Penta – to moving into the OC16 dynamic by adding the Coordinating Penta. We will explore the power of the Gap at each stage. Semester 2 will cover…

    • How you are personally influenced and your role with the WA
    • Building a successful Foundation Penta
    • Utilizing an Expansion Penta to grow a business
    • How and when to shift the dynamics with the Coordinating Penta
    • Using Gapping within OC16 Pentas to create focus & productivity
    • And Much More!

The Semester 2 Project requires observation of yourself and working with a team, group, organization leader or business owner in the first steps of large group consulting and engineering.

Semester 3
The final semester ties everything together and gives you the structure to deliver the Alpha Playbook to the owner, leader or manager of any large group and provide ongoing coaching, consulting and support.

The key is understanding the Alpha and how they are designed to lead, communicate and find allies within an OC16 structure. Semester 3 will cover… 

    • Building a relationship with the Alpha to fully understand their hope, dreams and challenges
    • The 6 Lines of communication and their relationship to the Alpha
    • How the Alpha is designed to communicate in the most effective and efficient way
    • Helping the Alpha find committed allies to communicate their message
    • Creating specialized teams focused on specific communication.
    • Creating the Alpha’s Playbook of Success

The Semester 3 Final Project requires working with a team, group, organization leader or business owner in creating an Alpha Playbook based on the lines of communication and gapping.

To be officially Certified as an OC16 Consultant – you must first be officially Certified as a BG5 Career & Business Consultant. Upon completion this program and approval of the final project you will become certified to offer OC16 Consultations to your clients.


OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification - Semester 1


January 18, 2022 - March 29, 2022 with Nathalie Keijzer

OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification

OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification - Semester 2


May 3, 2022 - July 5, 2022 with Nathalie Keijzer

OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification

OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification - Semester 3


September 13, 2022 - November 22, 2022 with Nathalie Keijzer

OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification

$4,800.00 $5,400.00