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Payment 2 - Start Sept 7, 2023 BG5 Certification Success Package - with Rebecca Zhao


$2,600.00 $3,100.00

Also available with a payment plan : 4 monthly payments of $775.00


Contains : Simplified Chinese Toolkit

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BG5 认证课程套餐组合
BG5 认证课程第一学期
BG5 成功守则完整报告 - Coupons to purchase reports for $5 ea$356--
BG5 职涯设计基础分析工具包 (成功守则1-6)$650$600$550
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BG5 职涯设计完整分析工具包(成功守则7-16)$1500$1400$1200
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BG5 License & MMI Software - Certification requires the separate purchase BG5 License & MMI Software ($750 + $599 = $1349). Students may purchase these in Semester 2.

View the Course Learning Outcomes for Semester 1, Semester 2, and Semester 3. Upon successful completion of each of the semesters you will qualify to receive BG5BI issued Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 3.5 CEUs for Semester 1, 4.5 CEUs for Semester 2, and 4.2 CEUs for Semester 3.




学费退款政策 (Course Refund Policy in Chinese)

BG5分期付款协议 (Payment Plan Agreement in Chinese - View Only)


BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program - Semester 2


January 11, 2024 - March 28, 2024 with 雪艳 Xueyan (Rebecca) 赵 Zhao

Students will learn to provide individual career analysis as well as business staff engineering assistance using BG5 tools.
  • Semester 1 and 2 of the BG5 Foundation Course
  • Agree to:

NOTE: If you have already taken the Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, and Rave Cartography you are still required to take the BG5 Foundation Course. BG5 uses a different language and a different approach. The BG5 Foundation Course will give you a solid foundation in the BG5 language and deeply supports you in understanding the career and business application of this information to help you get the most out of the BG5 Consultant Certification Program. If you have taken all three of these Human Design courses, you qualify for the special audit price of $500 per semester on BG5 Foundations 1 and 2. Email the BG5 Business Institute Office at to learn more. 

Required Materials: 

  • A one-time BG5 Career and Business License fee of $750.00 and the BG5 Career & Business MMI Software $599 can be purchased by the end of Semester 2. 
  • BG5 Consultant Student Resource Manual Set of 3 - Original Transcripts Ra Uru Hu ebooks.

$2,600.00 $3,100.00