Student Spotlight: Lisa Andrea Friedman

by Ruth Brennan

Meet Lisa Andrea Friedman.
 She’s a student in the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course (Semester 2). This class will graduate and become certified after successfully completing Semester 3 in March 2016. As well, Lisa is in Analyst training with IHDS and is currently a Certified Living Your Design Guide living in Hawaii.

Lisa’s Career Design Overview
Career Type: Advisor
Personal Interaction:  Recognition & Invitation, then Engaging
Decision Making Strategy: Willful Determination
Assimilation: Independent
Life Theme: Success or Bitterness

Lisa Friedman

I spoke with Lisa last week about her experiences as a student in the BG5 Business Institute. She’s part of a group of students being taught BG5™ utilizing business terminology. The foundation of the knowledge remains true, however, the business terms are being used to better explain the BG5™ concepts to the business world.

“I felt it was necessary to change the (BG5) vocabulary in order to be able to appeal to what has been the traditional consultant language in which business people on the whole are comfortable with.  We’re there to be a business consultant.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

When asked if the business approach resonated with her and if it has been a difficult transition from Human Design language Lisa replied, “Studying BG5 has accelerated my ability to understand the knowledge, by using another way to explain the same concepts. It’s clearer and has given me a confidence boost in my Professional Analyst Training. It makes it so easy to explain the BG5 area of Human Design to a wider and more general audience.”

We discussed what has surprised her most about her own Career Design,  Lisa says learning that she was designed to work alone AND also in partnership or in big organizations. This was a real eye opener (in a big way). “I always assumed working by myself (Advisors or Projectors working best one-on-one) was the best choice, now other options are opening up to me,” she said.

Lisa has been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years. Her first job was working for a large organization as part of a small group (Penta).  After nine years there she was burnt out. She assumed that the large corporation was a bad fit. Lisa didn’t feel recognized, wasn’t given a role, and just felt like a number.  She became bitter.  Her strengths weren’t being recognized in the small group setting she was in on a daily basis. After learning more about her Career Design she now realizes that she wasn’t comfortable in the small group or Penta. It’s not part of her Career Design.

She has numerous Business Skills and Attributes. Discovering that Coordination was one of them was validating to her. “I LOVE to coordinate things, I love it,” Lisa commented.  She went on to say, “Boring but true, yes … I have the attribute of Details-Fundamentals in the Skill of Accounting. It’s my job to know where every penny is, and I do. It drives other people batty, but to me it’s just the way it is.”

And a fun fact … she has innate Sales ability with Potential of Talent and Marketing. Lisa had no idea. Laughing she said, “If I think about it, I win over referrals at the rate of 1 out of 4. I built a business by networking.  Understanding I also have this innate ability opens new avenues for me, to be me, and market myself. I had no idea there was a different way to do it.”

And finally, when asked what she is most excited about sharing with future clients she said that, in her opinion, “Career Overviews have so much information, an incredible amount of information. It’s powerful to receive a Career Overview, especially early on in your career. To realize your Career Type, most suitable Work Environment and Decision Making Strategy can save a lot of wasted time and energy. It potentially puts you on the best material pathway in life.”

Thanks Lisa, for taking the time to share your story.