What is the BG5™ Business Institute?

The BG5™ Business Institute offers a unique and highly specialized methodology for career and business development. Working with individuals, businesses, groups and corporations, we train business consultants, coaches and engineers to provide new possibilities, approaches and perspectives to the business community.

All BG5™ analysis and consulting is based on unique, proprietary graphing tools unavailable anywhere else. You’ll be able to provide your clients with visual tools that make understanding the dynamics of the business world much easier. We’re confident that BG5™ will become the standard for business consulting in the future.

What makes the BG5™ Business Institute different?

  • BG5™ is dedicated to discovering the specialness of people – the unique qualities they were put on this planet to express, both personally and in work.
  • BG5™ is different in that it won’t try to fit your client into a homogenized box. It doesn’t attempt to match people to a societal or business mold dictated by non-viable and outdated institutions and authorities.
  • We won’t use the antiquated career and business coaching and consulting paradigms that “try” to motivate your clients to do what they “think” they should do, just because everyone else around them is doing it.

The BG5™ Business Institute’s mission is to train BG5™ Career & Business Consultants and Coaches to help their individual clients:

  • Clearly identify their unique talents, skills and creativity, so that they know how best to foster this unique contribution to the world around them.
  • When your clients understand their unique gifts; their best work environment; how to interact harmoniously and productively with those around them; and what work they aren’t suited for so that they can stop wasting their energy and time – they can thrive in the business world.
  • And enjoy a work life that is in resonance with their personal life as well!

BG5™ Career & Business Consultants and Coaches are trained to help their business management clients:

  • Provide a stable, productive and harmonious environment for their employees.
  • Recognize the unique gifts of each employee and how to best manage their skills and styles of interaction with other employees.
  • How to design work groups that maximize on the contributions of each member to the greater whole.
  • How to delegate work in a way that allows groups to succeed in reaching the business’s goals.
  • You’ll learn to present a new blueprint to your clients that will unlock their specific qualities, and show them how to capitalize on their gifts.

We train you to provide following services:

BG5™ Career Design Overview

  • An Overview is a simplified version of the in-depth BG5™ Career Profile Analysis. This is for individuals wanting basic guidance in their career and work. It’s a good first step to see if the client would like to go further with a more in-depth analysis.

BG5™ Career Design Analysis

  • There’s nothing more satisfying than having our work and career be in complete alignment with our unique talents, gifts and what we love to do. An in-depth analysis of individual skills, attributes and weaknesses includes how you can best take advantage of these areas. It details how you’re best suited to offer your unique skills to the marketplace, and make the most of your ability to be successful. It includes how to manage the sometimes-difficult transition from your usual way of working, to working on your own, in partnership or as part of a team within large or small groups.

On-going BG5™ Coaching and Consulting

  • This is an opportunity to have multiple support sessions to help establish the new tools and work with the information provided. The on-going sessions are designed to assist the client in integrating what they’ve learned over 3, 6 or more months. This program will be individualized and custom tailored to the client’s unique needs and circumstances.

BG5™ Alpha One Analysis (Managers and Executives)

  • BG5™ Alpha One Analysis is a personal business analysis focusing on how to apply your leadership qualities within a business, detailing where and how to focus your talent, your time and your energy. You’ll also be shown, within the business context, where you lack certain abilities and how to compensate by building the right kind of support and staff you’ll need to transform your business and career. It’s paramount to our success that we understand our obstacles to success in order to compensate for and turn the obstacles into opportunities. Alpha One Analysis will show you how and where to put your focus and where you need to delegate.

BG5™ Small Business Analysis

  • BG5™ Small Business Analysis is a powerfully accurate and efficient analysis of the characteristics, dynamics, potentials and problems of any working group, offering practical and effective recommendations to transform the bottom line. The majority of working teams have blind spots or gaps. These gaps can prevent a small business from being successful, and result in a tremendous amount of wasted time and resources. The BG5™ Small Business Analysis will show you where these gaps are, and provide solutions for managing and filling these gaps. In addition to the group analysis, it includes the individual analysis of each contributing member of the group, revealing possible causes for non-productivity and unsatisfied team members. Each analysis is based on a unique, proprietary graphing tool unavailable anywhere else.

BG5™ Alpha One Consultation & Engineering

  • Designed for business groups and their Directors and Managers, BG5™ Alpha One and Small Business Analysis are utilized together in this method, offering a group leader insights and training in how to work effectively and profitably with their group. This form of Analysis includes re-engineering, recruitment and expansion.

BG5™ OC16™ Business Analysis

  • The BG5™ OC16™ methodology provides an understanding of large organization dynamics. This information will provide the basic ‘next steps’ when growing from a smaller business into a larger business group, or map out the dynamics of already existing large groups.