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BG5 Foundation Course - Semester 1

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July 18, 2024 - September 19, 2024

Thursdays at 1pm EST/10am PST/17:00 UTC

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Semester 1: Personal Operating Style 

Understanding how we are designed to operate personally and professionally. 

Each of us has a specific way that we operate, as individuals and when interacting with others personally and professionally, that is reflected in our Personal Operating Style.

During Semester 1 we’ll begin to uncover the components that make up this style:

  • Career Type - How you best express yourself in the world. 
  • Personal Interaction Style - How you best interact with others.
  • Decision-Making Strategy - How you can confidently make decisions.
  • Key Indicators - Important signposts to keep you on track.
  • Assimilation - How you take in and process information.
  • Functions - What Functions define your consistent strengths.
  • Shadows & Distractions - Where you get taken off track.

Additional Course Information:

Semester 1 CEUs: Upon successful completion of this semester, you will qualify to receive 3.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Criteria for earning CEUs: Attend and participate in all 10 classes, complete all assignments within the timeframe, complete the semester project with instructor approval, complete payment for class and materials, review and sign the Student Integrity Agreement.

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Semester 1 Project:

If you were going to tell someone about your unique career design how would you put all this information together?

Please upload one document containing the following information:

Two Parts:

Part 1: List the keynotes of your Career Design we covered this semester.

Include the following:

  • Career Type
  • Decision Making Strategy
  • Defined Functions
  • Shadows
  • Assimilation
  • Key Indicators

Part 2: Tie together and synthesize ALL the keynotes you listed by writing several paragraphs telling someone about your unique career design. Be sure to include ALL the keynotes.

Agree to: 

Note: Please be aware that late registration students may be added to the course. 

The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu

The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu

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