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BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program - Semester 1

Online Course

January 21, 2023 - March 25, 2023

Saturdays at 19:00 UTC/ 12:00pm US MST

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The goal and emphasis of the BG5™ Consultant Certification training is on analysis, synthesis, and presentation. We’ll combine the foundation material from the BG5™ Foundation Course with the actual methodologies you’ll use with your clients, as well as explore the interactions and dynamics of Unified Group Analysis. Upon completion of the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, resources, and experience needed, to work effectively with your clients to guide and support them in their individual careers and businesses.

The BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program is 3 Semesters. 

Semester 1

View the Course Learning Outcomes Here. Upon successful completion of this semester, you will qualify to receive: 3.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

In Semester 1 you will learn how to empower and support your clients with a BG5 Career Design Overview. The BG5 Career Design Overview is designed to introduce your client to the fundamentals of their Unique Career Design. The Overview is also an essential element in a Partnership Analysis, Alpha One Leadership Analysis and Small Business Penta Analysis.

In this Course we will…

  • Learn the fundamentals of Comparative Analysis.
  • Explore the basics of both small and large group dynamics.
  • Discover how to identify the correct career environment for an individual based on their design.
  • Learn to deliver all 6 BG5 Success Codes of a Career Design Overview.
  • Understand the basics of the 12 Business Skills and how to identify them in a client Career Design.
  • And Much More….

NOTE: By the end of this semester you can begin delivering a BG5 Career Design Overview to clients as long as you inform them that you are still a student and not yet certified as a BG5 Career & Business Consultant. We encourage you to practice delivering Overviews to increase your skill and proficiency.

Course Refund Policy Available Here

Requirement in taking this course, please agree to the Student and Professional Integrity Agreement:

Semester 1 Project:

Create and Deliver a BG5 Career Design Overview

Be sure to cover the first 6 Success Codes

  1. BG5 Career Type
  2. Personal Interaction
  3. Decision-Making Strategy
  4. Key Indicators
  5. Assimilation
  6. Environmental Style

Turn In the Following THREE Items – Zipped together (you will need to Zip them together in a Zip file because you can only upload one file)

#1  The Presentation: The PowerPoint, PDF or Word Document of the Full Career Design Overview you delivered to a fellow classmate, client or a person outside of class.

#2 Feed Back: A Word Document or PDF of the feedback you received form your classmate, client or person outside of class. Here are the feedback questions to have them answer:

  • What was their biggest take away or "Ah Ha" from your session together?
  • What did they enjoy the most in receiving the BG5 Career Design Overview from you?
  • What feedback do they have about...
    • How you delivered the information
    • Your comfort level with delivering the information
    • What things you did best in delivering the information.
  • What constructive feedback do they have to help you improve your delivery of the information?

#3 Self Evaluation: A Word Document or PDF of your own self-evaluation.

  • Evaluation of your overall experience in delivering the information.
  • Assess how comfortable were you in delivering the information.
  • Where can you improve and do even better next time.
  • Any questions, need additional support or suggestions for improvement.

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BG5 Consultant License (incl. acknowledgement letter to purchase BG5 Consultant Software)

Both the BG5 Consultant License and Software are REQUIRED to complete your official certification and available to student enrolled in the second semester of the BG5 Consultant Certification Program.

The BG5 Consultant License gives you permission to use this copy-written material with your clients.

The BG5 Consultant Software is required to be purchased by the beginning of the third semester to perform your final project. 

Upon the purchase of the license a letter of acknowledgement will be emailed to you by our office administrator within approx. 24 hours. 

You can purchase the software at Jovian Archive, price $599, with submission of your acknowledgement letter from the BG5 Business Institute. This letter acknowledges your enrollment in the BG5 Consultant Certification Course Semester 2 or higher and the purchase of the BG5 Consultant License. 

Once you have completed the BG5 Consultant Certification Course you will be notified and receive your official BG5 Career & Business Consultant Certificate and a professional listing on the BG5 Business Institute website.


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