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BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification - Semester 4

Online Course

September 6, 2023 - November 29, 2023

Wednesday 14:00 UTC


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BG5 Profit Potential Semester 4 

Getting to the Heart - Profiting through Identity, Energy and Will 

We conclude our journey into profiting by being you, by digging for the gold through our Identity, Will power, and Energy Resource. We will explore our Identity and the importance of love and direction: the source of the Builder’s power in the Energy Resource and the motivating power of our Will. 

In this Semester we will cover:

  • The source of love and direction in our lives and its wisdom.
  • The importance of being in the right environment.
  • How the Builder Energy is designed to respond.
  • The importance of knowing how to ask the right questions and utilize energy properly.
  • The need for a balance between work and rest to use our Willpower correctly.
  • The potential shadows, distractions, and health issues that can arise from not operating correctly.
  • And much more!

Note: Weekly observations and assignments are required to take this information in at a deep level - knowing this information for yourself personally so you can also recognize the potential in your clients.

Upon completion of this advanced certification program, and approval of the final semester project, you will become certified to offer BG5 Profit Potential Coaching to your clients. To be officially Certified as a BG5 Profit Potential Coach – you must first be officially Certified as a BG5 Career & Business Consultant.

Additional Course Information:

Semester 4 Learning Outcomes - Available soon! Email office@bg5businessinstitute for more information.

Semester 4 CEUs: Upon successful completion of this semester, you will qualify to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The amount of CEUs awarded for this semester will be available prior to the start of the course. For more information email

Criteria for earning CEUs: Attend and participate in all 10 classes, complete all assignments within the timeframe, complete the semester project with instructor approval, complete payment for class and materials, review and sign the Student Integrity Agreement.

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Course Refund Policy

Pulling it All Together

For You:

  • Using the Profit Potential Report Template, create a Profit Potential Report for yourself.
  • Use Linda's 5Ws Worksheet to help guide you to find the material.
  • Use the Full Analysis Toolkit to find detailed information about each trait.

For Another (practice delivering):

  • Provide a Profit Potential Report for a client or fellow student


  • Reflect on how the report came together for you and any realizations or what you learned about yourself.
  • Ask the client/student to provide a short summary of their experience going through their design.
  • Provide your personal feedback on delivering the information.

Zip all documents together into one file.


To be officially Certified as a BG5 Profit Potential Coach – you must first be officially Certified as a BG5 Career & Business Consultant.


The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu

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