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BG5 Career and Business Cycles Certification

Online Course

September 14, 2022 - November 30, 2022

Wednesdays at 9am US Pacific |16:00 UTC

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BG5 Career and Business Cycles Certification
Prerequisite – BG5 Certification – Semester 3
Upon completion of this one semester program you will become certified to offer BG5 Career and Business Cycle Sessions to your client to empower them to successfully navigate the natural cycles of their careers, businesses and life.

Just like life – our careers, work and businesses also have natural rhythms and cycles. From starting our careers; to changing positions, jobs or professions; to retirement. From starting a business; to seeing it flourish; to closing the doors, selling it or passing it along to the next generation.

Knowing how the cycles affect, change and flow through our lives in terms of our career or business can help us…

  • Let go and move forward when a cycle has completed.
  • Support and empower others in times of transition to give direction, guidance & understanding.
  • Recognize daily, yearly and broader cycle themes to take advantage the frequency
  • Understand how broader cycles affect our career or business role at certain times of our life.
  • Gain a deeper insight into the Life Aspects of our BG5 Career Design.
  • Naturally relax into the flow of the cycles that affect our of our career, business and life purpose.

Class 1 – Introduction to Cycles
Class 2 – The Life Aspects of our BG5 Career Design
Class 3 – The Global Cycle and the Times we are in
Class 4 – The Daily Frequency and Monthly Cycle
Class 5 – The Personal Yearly Cycle
Class 6 – The 30 Year Milestone (1st Saturn Return)
Class 7 – The 40 Year Milestone (Uranus Opposition)
Class 8 – The 50 Year Milestone (Kiron Return)
Class 9 – The 60 Year Milestone (2nd Saturn Return)
Class 10 – Wrap-up

Deliver any of the BG5 Cycle Analysis to a partner in class or to an individual outside of class.

You may deliver the Analysis in another language other than English, however the materials you turn in must be translated into English so we can evaluate and approve your Final Project.

Turn In the Following THREE Items (you will need to Zip them together because you can only upload one file)

#1  The Presentation: The PowerPoint, PDF or Word Document of the Full BG5 Cycles Analysis you delivered to a fellow classmate, client or a person outside of class.

#2 Feed Back: A Word Document or PDF of the feedback you received form your classmate, client or person outside of class. Here are the feedback questions to have them answer:   

  • What was their biggest take away or "Ah Ha" from your session together?
  • What did they enjoy the most in receiving the BG5 Cycle Analysis from you?
  • What feedback to they have about...                
    • How you delivered the information
    • Your comfort level with delivering the information
    • What things you did best in delivering the information.
    • What constructive feedback do they have to help you improve your delivery of the information?

#3 Self Evaluation: A Word Document or PDF of your own self-evaluation.   

  • Evaluation your overall experience in delivering the information.
  • Assess how comfortable were you in delivering the information.
  • Where can you improve and do even better next time.
  • Any questions, need additional support or suggestions for improvement.

Please Upload your Semester Project Below>>
(Note: You can only upload one file. If you have multiple files please zip all files together before uploading)

Pre-Requisites: BG5 Consultant Certification - Semester 3

Required Materials:
MMI Professional Edition Software;
Cycle Analysis Digital Book;
Agree to:

Early Bird Special Pricing Ends September 1st Save $200.00

$1,200.00 $1,400.00