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BG5 Foundation Course - Semester 1

Online Course

January 13, 2022 - March 17, 2022

Thursdays 9am US Pacific | 17:00 GMT

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The BG5™ Foundation Course is the perfect place to start your BG5 journey!

This course has four primary learning objectives:

Understanding Yourself

Learn how to apply this profound information in a practical way to empower your own life both personally and professionally. Understand your unique individual gifts and talents as well as how to move beyond the shadows that may be holding you back.

Understanding Others

Improve your relationships with others through a deep understanding the unique dynamics that make us different. When we know how we designed to interact with others we can remove resistance to create successful interactions and meaningful connections with others.

Understanding the BG5 Career Design Chart
Learn the nuances of how to understand the different aspects of the BG5 Career Design Chart and the language of BG5 to assist you in understanding yourself and sharing this information with others.

Preparing You for Professional Studies
The BG5 Foundation Course is the required prerequisite to enter our Professional BG5 Consultant Certification Course and BG5 Profit Potential Workshops.  This course will give you the foundation knowledge necessary to be successful if you choose to eventually utilize this information professionally working with clients.

Semester 1: Personal Operating Style Understanding how we are designed to operate personally & professionally.

Each of us has a specific way that we operate, as individuals and when interacting with others personally and professionally, that is reflected in our Personal Operating Style.

During Semester 1 we’ll begin to uncover the components that make up this style:

  • Career Type - How you best express yourself in the world. 
  • Personal Interaction Style - How you best interact with others.
  • Decision-Making Strategy - How you can confidently make decisions.
  • Key Indicators - Important signposts to keep you on track.
  • Assimilation - How you take in and process information.
  • Functions - What Functions define your consistent strengths.
  • Shadows & Distractions - Where you get taken off track.

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Tying it All Together - BG5 Career Design Synthesis

For your final Project please complete to the following and upload a document in a PDF, Word or PowerPoint format below:

For yourself or for someone else:

If you were going to tell someone about your unique career design (or theirs) how would you put all this information together?
Tie together and synthesize all the pieces together.

•    Career Type
•    Decision Making Strategy
•    Functions
•    Shadows
•    Assimilation
•    Key Indicators


Here are the Individual Pieces

Career Type: Express Builder
Decision-Making Strategy: Wait to Respond then Wait for Clarity
Functions: Drive and Stamina, Energy Resource, Identity & Direction, Communication and Action, Emotional Intelligence
Shadows: Over Compensating, Unable to let go, Mentally defensive, Losing focus
Assimilation: Independent Assimilation
Key Indicators: Satisfaction or Frustration

Synthesize the all the Aspects of the BG5 Career Design Together

I am an Express Builder who independently assimilates information and experiences. I am designed to do what I love and love what I do. When I am using my Energy Resource correctly, I listen to my gut response and wait until I am emotionally clear so that in my response, I experience deep satisfaction.  I am satisfied when I have the drive and stamina to move in new directions, communicate and express my Identity, and share my emotions openly with others. It is important that I wait until I am emotionally clear before responding, otherwise I will experience frustration (and so will others around me).

My frustration will typically stem from not waiting for that emotional clarity which has me leap into things, then overcompensate, trying to prove myself, and willing my way through something that is typically not what I love to do. I will also hold onto to things that no longer serve me. I get mentally defensive and in the process lose focus. My thoughts are all over the place.

The way back into alignment is to invest my time, talents and energies into doing what I love, waiting for things to come to me, so that I can respond to what empowers me, and wait for clarity to emerge before taking inspired action.

Recommended: BG5 Career Design Overview or Full Analysis by a Certified BG5 Consultant

Required Materials: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu


The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu

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