Test Drive the BG5 Foundation and BG5 Certification Course!

Test Drive the BG5 Foundation and BG5 Certification Course!

Test Drive the BG5 Foundation and BG5 Certification Course
Replays of the First Class are Now Available!

This is one of those rare opportunities where you can try the first class of BOTH the BG5 Foundation Course and the BG5 Certification Course for FREE!!  The Replays of Thursdays classes are NOW AVAILABLE!

The sneak peak of both the BG5 Consultant Certification Course and  BG5 Foundation Course will be available until Thursday, January 25, 2018.  This will also give you an opportunity to explore our student area and our online classroom.

We are excited to have you join us!  Sign up for the replay of one or both of the courses below.

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BG5 Foundation Course

Explore Your Personal Operating Style and begin to unlock your potential in Semester 1 of the BG5 Foundation Course. In this course we will uncover the essence of how you are uniquely designed for success both personally and professionally and discover how to fulfill your Career Design in healthy ways and how to avoid the consequences of operating in unhealthy ways.

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BG5 Foundation Course – Free Trial Class

Available until Thursday, January 25, 2018

BG5 Consultant Certification

In Semester 1 you will learn how to empower and support your clients with a BG5 Career Design Overview. The BG5 Career Design Overview is designed to introduce your client to the fundamentals of their Unique Career Design. The Overview is also an essential element in a Partnership Analysis, Alpha One Leadership Analysis and Small Business Penta Analysis.

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BG5 Certification Course – Free Trial Class

Available until Thursday, January 25, 2018

Money Matters – but at what Cost?

Money Matters – but at what Cost?

The Material Way – A Story from an Experiential Witness

Personally, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing living in material extremes of prosperity and scarcity. This humbling journey has inspired me to be curious, explore, and contemplate many questions without any certain answers.

Is it possible to experience material abundance and also feel at peace, satisfied, successful and even surprised with your life’s work?

Shortly after graduating from college, I was on a mission to tackle the material world and become self-sufficient and independent. I hired a life coach who helped me manifest my income goals and guide me on my new journey. Harnessing the laws of attraction, I tried everything to create the life I imagined I wanted and needed to be happy. I made lists, wrote fake checks out to my name, and created a vision board. I visualized my dreams of abundance, and only a few short years later I stopped and realized I had reached most of them.

I told myself that if I could earn a six-figure income that life would be easier, I could finally rest, and that I could give back to those I love. In many ways, I was able to do this. I could buy anything I wanted, I had freedom to splurge, indulge, and consume.

My issue was that my motivations and ways of attaining this were coming mainly from my mind and what I ‘thought’ I wanted. I ended up creating many material layers and walls around myself that simply weren’t me. I wasn’t able to see the me that was screaming under the control of my mind, because I wasn’t paying attention. I was busy initiating my life.

Discovering Human Design and then seeing the career and business application through BG5 opened up a new world and I was given practical tools to return back to myself. Slowly I emerged from the madness I had created in over-consuming and indulging in a lifestyle that turned out to be quite toxic for my mind, body and spirit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my career choice; I just wasn’t operating in a healthy way that was aligned with my unique design. I learned this the hard way after reaching major burn out due to overworking and trying to prove myself.

Are you willing to courageously be yourself and risk material security or comfort to make choices that may be difficult but more aligned with you?

With courage and new direction, I took a leap of faith out of my corporate job, finally listening to my inner voice leading me back to myself and out into the world. I took one backpack and set off on a journey to let go, heal, and allow myself to recover from the intensity of my New York City lifestyle.

I was deeply humbled by carrying my own material weight with me, symbolized by my backpack. I learned that it was easier to let go of everything that didn’t serve me in my backpack. Why carry the weight, if I wasn’t going to use it, if it didn’t have practical value or if it didn’t bring me joy? So I purged, a lot. Letting go of deep conditioning mindsets about money and what is possible, I witnessed the capacity of the human spirit to spontaneously transform.

I took a deep look into the mindset I created around the money I thought I needed to make to be happy. As a problem solver, I directly challenged all that did not resonate with my body and my higher self.

I demystified myself by realizing I was actually happy with a less extravagant lifestyle by simply honoring myself more and making better decisions.

I reflected in surprise that I actually felt more aligned in my purpose while listening to the intelligence of my body vs being directed by my mind. I kept going in the direction of what made me feel alive and learned that there were so many other ways to live materially. Other cultures taught me this and opened my eyes, expanding my contemplations of the human experience and capacity to live fully.

“If you live out your type, you’re going to have the material abundance you need. Because remember….. the moment you stop being in control of your life, your life is perfectly financed.” -Ra Uru Hu

Over my last four years of traveling I’ve met countless people with similar stories of taking leaps of faith to return back to their true nature. Listening to that burning call to seek something better, to be free from the walls of conditioning they built around themselves. They were frustrated, burnt out, or pushed to their limits—their souls crying out for help! And I’ve said it myself and heard it many times: if I hadn’t made a change, I felt like I was going to die.

Money matters, but when I allowed my mind to dictate what was right for me, it costed me my health, my self-worthiness and my true power.

Are you ready to listen to what makes you feel alive and aligned?

Rock bottom does something magical to people—offering them superpowers in new directions, fueling a vitality to find new ways of living and being.

It’s inspiring to see how many people are realizing their own capabilities and that it is possible to live a life according to your own decision making strategy — in material abundance and freedom. 

BG5 is a tool that can transform your life, but it is not a quick fix. It takes time to integrate, digest, and most importantly, to live. It may take letting go of what the mind thinks it wants, asking lots of questions and coming back home to your body for making decisions. It is scary having walls of secure mindsets transform, but it’s the only way to see more clearly as you.

Both of my experiences from working in corporate to traveling the world, helped me realize that anything is possible really, and that the law of attraction works… but I’d better be more careful about what I am attracting. The more I’ve aligned back into myself and my body, the more magic I’ve witnessed in my life.

Through this new awareness and I’ve been able to take the pressure off of my mind to make my decisions. This process has transformed my ability to harness the distractions and shadows created by my mind into creative abundance.

BG5 came to me as a radical shift in awareness, speaking to the very cells of my being. After a huge life transition, I’ve been able to rebuild my material abundance around choices that are healthy for me, in full trust that it will attract the exact experiences I need for my purpose, instead of forcing life or situations to happen because my mind thinks it’s what I want or need.

Learning this delicate dance of body awareness has invited me to be a leader in the flow of life, instead of being a victim in the mental madness.

To harness the wisdom of your shadows and distractions in the material world takes great patience, awareness, and experimentation to radically shift in operating as yourself.

Are you ready to begin the experiment of trusting your body’s intelligence over your mind?

When I first learned my career type was an Advisor and that I was not here to “work”, but here to “guide and advise” others,” I was truly relieved, as I always sensed I had a different way to work than most of the people I knew. At this point in my life, I was quickly running out of savings and creeping into scary territories of debt. I wondered, If I’m not here to work like I used to, how am I going to survive in the material world? Through patience and waiting to be recognized and invited by others, I’ve learned that no career type is handicapped and that we are all capable of extraordinary lives.

Most of us are conditioned to think that the only way we are going to make money and survive is to initiate our lives. With only 9% of the world designed to initiate, that leaves around 91% of the world pushing or forcing a lifestyle based off of something they are not. And this produces frustration, bitterness and disappointment.

What if I told you that you can rest into your natural state and still feel good materially? Would that help you breathe a little deeper and relax a little more? We are all here in this world to show up completely as our beautiful selves and to interact with others and the material world in a very unique way.

Do you have the courage to explore what that looks like to live life as yourself?

Are you curious to learn more about how you can align with your true nature while also profiting materially?

We often share how no one is designed to make decisions with the mind, but we also know that a single idea or inspiration can birth a business or career path! The mind can be our biggest ally OR our greatest source of fear, anxiety and mental conditioning. The mind can be a source of great wealth and wisdom OR the greatest pitfall holding back our fullest potential.

Want to learn more about how your mind works and how you can utilize Inspiration and your ability to Conceptualize to profit in healthy ways?

Join us for our next Profit Potential Workshop – Unleash your Profit Potential through Inspiration & Conceptualization!

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No matter how your mind functions, you are perfectly designed as you are!


Devon Martin has a dynamic background in both the business world and the healing arts. Graduating with a degree in Communication and Leadership, she has over 10 years of experience in Sales and customer relations. In 2012 she took a leap of faith to travel the world, teaching Yoga, offering Reiki energy healing and in 2014 found Human Design. For the last 3 years she has been the International Customer relationships manager for Jovian Archive and myBodyGraph and is passionate about sharing Human Design and BG5 with the world. She is a certified Living Your Design Guide and professional analyst and business consultant in training.

BG5 can lead you to a successful life filled with satisfaction, doing what you love!

How to Transform Work Pressure and Stress into Fuel for Success

How to Transform Work Pressure and Stress into Fuel for Success


STRESS. Like death and taxes, we can’t escape it. But the good news is, there is a way each of us is genetically wired to deal with and handle stress appropriately. You can transform the pressure you experience into fuel for you and your business’ successful evolution.

We live in a deeply pressurized business world. Conditioned to believe that business must be fraught with stressful competition (as opposed to cooperation), we are trained to believe success has to manifest a certain way or it isn’t worthy. However, there is room for everyone to succeed in the way each is designed to best fulfill their purpose. BG5 shows us the way to guide everyone on the path to the success they deserve. Would you like to learn how you can transform pressure and stress into the fuel for success?

In BG5, one of the primary ways we describe how a person is designed to operate is through what we call Functions. Functions and their Shadows are two of the 16 Success Codes we analyze to determine the most direct path to success for you as a unique individual. You can find out how all your Functions operate by ordering a Career Map or the Complete Success Code Report and taking a look at Success Codes 9 and 10. The Functions that define your consistent strengths are revealed in Success Code 9.

Functions that can get you off track are described in Success Code 10 as “Shadows and Distractions.” These shadows can be your biggest downfall. But with awareness, they can become your greatest source of wisdom. In this BG5 article, we will cover how the Drive and Stamina Function can operate in a fixed way (listed under Success Code 9) and how it can function in a flexible way (listed under Success Code 10 as “Always In A Hurry”).

There are nine Functions in a person’s career design, which are a key aspect of how they operate. One of the key elements to look at when analyzing someone’s BG5 Career Design is how an individual can best utilize each of their nine Functions. At the root of your Career Design is the Function called Drive and Stamina. This Function gives you profound insights into how you are uniquely intended to best handle the stress and pressure inherent in life and work.

Your BG5 Drive and Stamina Function:

  • Provides adrenalized fuel for ambition, beginning new projects, tasks, and teams
  • Creates hormones that get and keep you moving at work and play
  • Energizes you for turning chaos into order, creativity, emotional and survival intelligence
  • Carries a profound initiating force that can fuel success or failure for your business

Utilize this fuel wisely, or you risk adrenal fatigue. The key for any Function listed in either Success Code 9 or as a Success Shadow in Code 10 is to act in alignment with your Decision-Making Strategy. Your Decision-Making Strategy is the way you are intended to make the right decision at the right time. Making choices you trust with confidence leads you to a better quality of life and improved bottom-line. (You can reference Success Code 3 for more information about your personal Decision Making Strategy.)

BG5 Work Success Code 9:

Drive and Stamina Function—Processing Stress In A Fixed Way

If your Drive and Stamina has consistent energy present, you have a particular, fixed way of dealing with stress according to your unique genetic imprinting. It could be that you require daily physical activity to discharge stress, or you may need to vent through regular emotional releases or to channel that energy into creative endeavors.

Your BG5 career report analysis can provide further details, and your BG5 Career Consultant can synthesize those details to help guide you to the best ways you are designed to cope with the stress of work and life. The good news is that you tend to have a reliable way of discharging stress that works for you. Having this be a defined Function for you means you are more stress resilient. This could show up as:

  • More likely to withstand the stress of external time-pressures (others can’t rush you)
  • You are able to focus on and cope with complex tasks that require stamina
  • You can be good with time-management and setting/meeting deadlines

When your Drive & Stamina functions consistently, there also could be a tendency to put pressure on those around you, especially if they’re inconsistent in this area—it causes them to hurry all the more. Without awareness of your Decision-Making Strategy to guide you, you may:

  • Become obsessive
  • Improperly initiate new projects
  • Create resistance that brings unnecessary stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of disease, and improper stress management can undermine your health. Follow your Decision-Making Strategy to move forward in life grounded in correct action that can lead you to a better bottom line with less stress.

BG5 Work Success Code 10:

The Shadow & Distraction of Always in A Hurry

shadowpressureIf your Drive and Stamina Function shows up instead as Always In A Hurry under Success Code 10, this fuel operates inconsistently in you. The good news is that your design in an organization can offer the perfect solution when:

  • Short-deadline, urgent projects arise
  • Something needs doing very quickly
  • Flexibility is needed when dealing with time-pressures

On the flip side, a sensitivity to those time pressures and stressors can distract you, and you may tend to:

  • Unconsciously over-amplify pressure
  • Rush around on autopilot
  • Hurry needlessly to get rid of stress

This tendency to amplify pressure is why your Drive and Stamina Function appears as one of your Shadows. Does being in a constant hurry tend to distract you from what is critical in your work? Do you tend to push quickly through doing things you don’t need to rush, even things you enjoy doing?

When you have the Drive and Stamina Function listed as a shadow, you have the flexibility of learning to deal with stress in many different ways and develop wisdom here. In some people, it could show up as not knowing when to hurry at all, which is more rare. In either case, external conditions can activate you with immense pressurization, which tends to amplify and distort this powerful energy. This pressure can show up as:

  • An inability to focus when you need to
  • Uncontrollable restlessness
  • Physical tension or emotional stress

You may experience an enormous range of pressure over your lifetime – from deep stillness to extreme hyperactivity. Letting pressure pass through you that is not your own is important. Nature is an especially helpful place of renewal and peace for you. When you feel stressed-out, you may find it very helpful to:

  • Breathe deeply
  • Walk outside for some fresh air
  • Find a quiet place to meditate/listen to music

Take a break or move away from the source of stress, particularly if it is a person. Conversely, if the situation calls for it and you can handle the sensation, you could take a deep breath and utilize that pressure to get things done quickly.

Practice getting familiar with the pressures you have consistently in you and recognize the source of stresses in your environment. Following your Decision-Making Strategy aligns you to the perfection of your process and can help you keep your balance despite work’s constant stressors. There is an enormous profit potential in this Function—if it’s right for you to harness the fuel of Drive and Stamina and capitalize on the wisdom found here.

The Drive and Stamina to Fuel Career Success

functionpressureWhether your Drive and Stamina Function is a dependable source of energy or an area of distraction and potential wisdom, you cannot make decisions based solely on stress because of the way the pressure can get in the way of seeing things clearly. For this reason, we recommend you follow your Decision-Making Strategy to deal with and move on the right pressures at the right time. This is critical to avoiding the resistance of frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment in your career and business.

Moving forward correctly, from a calm and focused with joy for living, encourages proper initiation of your purpose. An action initiated correctly from a place of confidence in the appropriate timing facilitates success along with an enjoyment of the process. Correct timing of action (and being careful to not overdo it on the caffeine!) can also help protect you from adrenal fatigue.

BG5 can lead you to a successful life filled with satisfaction, doing what you love. For a deeper understanding of this Function register for our Drive and Stamina Workshop part of our NEW “Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshop Series.”

Also stay tuned for our upcoming business celebrity profile and our introductory webinar  “Unlock the 5 Success Secrets of Your Hidden Potential”.

Get ready to fulfill your highest purpose to improve both your bottom line and our world!

by Andrea Abay-Abay