How To Know Your Ideal Work Identity and Direction

How To Know Your Ideal Work Identity and Direction

How To Know Your Ideal Work Identity and Direction

“What is my ideal role in work?” No matter your design, BG5 can answer this question as a piece of the puzzle that helps to clarify your career path. Understanding your Identity and Direction from the BG5 framework brings self-empowerment and helps you recognize how you are here to share your direction and identity at work. Acceptance of your strengths or recognizing your shadows here has the potential to generate your/your team’s identity and lead your team in a successful direction.

In BG5, one of the primary ways we describe how a person is designed to operate is through what we call Functions. Functions and their Shadows are two of the 16 Success Codes we analyze to determine the most direct path to success for you as a unique individual. You can find out how all your Functions operate by ordering a Career Map or the Complete Success Code Report and taking a look at Success Codes 9 and 10. The Functions that define your consistent strengths are revealed in Success Code 9.


BG5 Identity & Direction Function – Your Role at Work

There are nine Functions in a person’s career design, which are a key aspect of how they operate. One of the key elements to look at when analyzing someone’s BG5 Career Design is how an individual can best utilize each of their nine Functions. At the core of your Career Design is the Identity and Direction Function. This Function gives you profound insights into how you are uniquely designed to express your role individually or in groups as a transmitter or receiver of the possible directions we are designed travel in work and life.

Success Code 10 shows us Functions as “Shadows and Distractions.” These shadows can be your biggest decision-making pitfalls. But with awareness, they can become your greatest source of wisdom and potential profit. In this BG5 article, we will cover how the Identity and Direction Function can operate in a fixed way (listed under Success Code 9) and how it can function in a flexible way (listed under Success Code 10 as “Role Confusion”).

Your BG5 Identity and Direction Function:

  • Can determine the role you’re here to play
  • Gives you a clear sense of Self
  • Guides generation and manifestation of individuals and teams
  • Holds six characteristics that are essential to  small business success

The key for the Identity and Direction Function in either code 9 or 10 is to act in agreement with your Decision-Making Strategy. You can reference Success Code 3 for more information about your personal Decision Making Strategy. Your Decision-Making Strategy is the way you are intended to make the right decision at the right time. Making choices you trust with confidence leads you to a better quality of life and improved bottom-line.

BG5 Work Success Code 9:

Identity and Direction Function—Having a Fixed Role At Work

When “Identity and Direction” is listed under Functions on your BG5 Career Map, you have a fixed and defined personality, and you have the ability to lead, even change the direction of others. You may find it helpful to look deeper into the characteristics or strengths that originate from this function to get a better sense of what your role is in a small group.

Rejecting your personal role that comes naturally to you can result in loss of self-confidence and fulfilling your unique potential. Being able to clearly recognize when it’s time to follow your path and let others follow theirs can be a relief. Too many people are caught up in the suffering that comes from trying to be successful at what they are not designed to be fulfilled by in their career. The seduction of what your mind thinks is important can lead you down that path; if you regularly feel frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed it’s a sign that you made a wrong turn and it’s time to get back on the path that’s right for you.

BG5 Work Success Code 10:

The Shadow & Distraction of Role Confusion

Identity and Direction

BG5 Career and Business Role Confusion at Work

If your Identity and Direction Function shows up instead as Role Confusion under Success Code 10, it means this functions operates inconsistently for you. The good news is that your design in an organization could offer the perfect solution when:

  • Someone needs to step in and evaluate the direction
  • Someplace needs to be assessed for its appropriateness for an event
  • Flexibility is needed when dealing with different strong personalities

On the flip side, your sensitivity to place can distract you, and you may tend to:

  • Be confused about your role
  • Feel uncomfortable and need to change places
  • Continually change directions, causing instability

The flexibility your Identity provides you the ability to adroitly adapt to varying characters or paths in life, trying on different roles, hoping for the right fit. If this search is obsessive and determines your decision-making, it could undermine your success. Your gift is that of the consummate chameleon and can make a remarkably talented actor. You tend to be able to get along with many different kinds of people and the friends you have may not necessarily get along with each other.

For some people, not knowing what to be is a strong theme. It is essential in this case for you never to give authority over what your role is to anyone else. When you take on the wrong role, it’s like wearing a suit off the rack as compared to a custom-tailored piece that fits you perfectly.

Always questioning whether you are on the right path or with the right person can undermine your sense of identity and self. Constant upheaval in your life due to continually changing directions and chasing after what (or who) your mind thinks it should have can cause instability that leaves you and others confused about your role.

Identity Function

BG5 Shadow & Distraction of Role Confusion

Your constant search for your identity is why your this Function appears as one of your Shadows. Does obsessing about your direction or who you are supposed to be distract you from the tasks at hand? Do you constantly look to others to answer the question of what you are expected to do with your life? Do you wonder why you don’t know who you are or where you are supposed to go, and is that what you base your decisions on? These and similar questions can keep you from aligning with your fullest potential.

Allow yourself the possibility of being open to roles dependent on the situation. By following your decision-making strategy you can begin to feel comfortable without a fixed role, with less worry about your path in life, where to go or what to be.

Sensitivity to Place

Likely you’ve already felt how important the right environment is to your well-being, as you are sensitive to not only to people, but places as well. One of the most critical aspects about you if Role Confusion is listed on your BG5 Career Map is this incredible sensitivity to places. If you are not in the correct place, you cannot thrive. You cannot be correct in relationships, career or family if you are in the wrong place – even if you are with the right people. Things just won’t seem to work out.

Making sure that you are comfortable in your surroundings can make all the difference in your life. Trying to find direction and role confusion is a theme you’ll likely recognize. Follow your Decision-Making Strategy to see your life to unfold correctly, and not abdicating your natural authority by fixating on making choices based on looking for a fixed role.

From where to go out to lunch, where your office is at work or at home, to which direction you place your desk, the quality of a place is everything to you. You are a connoisseur of correct places—honoring your sensitivity can make all the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

The Identity And Direction to Empower Career Success

No matter the configuration of your Identity and Direction Function, you are perfectly designed as you are. Remember you have certain areas that are actively energized and fixed while others are open to experiencing the myriad possibilities and potentials that you can learn from and grow wise about over time. Your greatest shadows have the greatest wisdom potential, and in fact, your greatest profit potentials as well.

BG5 can lead you to a successful life filled with satisfaction, doing what you love. For a deeper understanding of this Function register for our Identity and Direction Workshop part of our NEW “Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshop Series.”

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Get ready to fulfill your highest purpose to improve both your bottom line and our world!

by Andrea Abay-Abay