BG5 Alpha One and Unified Group Analysis Validates Medical Practitioner’s Plans for Expansion – Part One

BG5 Alpha One and Unified Group Analysis Validates Medical Practitioner’s Plans for Expansion – Part One

BG5 Validates Small Group Interactions

by Ruth Brennan

I had the opportunity to work with a local Medical Practitioner and her team recently. This Medical Group offers Functional and Aesthetic Medicine Services, as well as, Healing Services including Reiki and Intuitive Life Coaching. Over the past year this office has grown its patient and client base to near-maximum capacity and is looking to expand. Currently there are four members (including the owner) on the team.

The owner, a progressive thinker, was open to and welcomed an Alpha One Analysis and Unified Group Analysis of her business. She was eager to learn how her team and office could run more efficiently and position the business for an expansion. The Alpha One and Unified Group Analysis gave her the information and validation she needed to move forward with confidence.

Following are a few highlights from our various meetings.

The Alpha One (Owner)

Type: Express Builder
Interaction: Respond/Engage
Decisions: Gut Response
Theme: Frustration/Satisfaction
Assimilation: Independent
Environment: Solo, Small GroupOwner-SF
Skills: Administration, Public Relations, Oversight, Planning, Implementation, Accounting, Vision, Coordination Functions: Identity/Direction, Communication/Action, Energy Resource, Survival Instincts
Shadows & Distractions: Losing Focus, Mentally Defensive, Touchy & Nervous, Too Much of a Hurry, Over-Compensating & Committing
Public Role: Detailed Authority/Determined Discoverer

The Owner is an Express Builder with Independent Assimilation and has definition to support working in a Small Group. She’s a talented Functional Nurse Practitioner who absolutely loves the work she does. She finds her work extremely satisfying. She’d like to focus more on her patients and less on running the office and managing the team.

She expects her team to be as motivated, efficient and self-starting as she is. She has Strengths that support Leadership, but she may not be ideally suited to guide the team long-term as the Alpha or Manager. Being fiercely independent, managing the office isn’t a role she aspires to. Her team respects her, and responds to her Leadership potential, however with her strong Individuality she understands that this isn’t the best role for her to fill.

Shelly LaFrance PillarsAll three Upper Pillars are defined with two additional activations in the lower pillars. Even though there is a lot of definition to support a Small Group environment, other factors in her Career Design support her feeling more satisfied working independently away from the group … seeing patients. Notice her Independent Assimilation and all of her Individuality (Integration). She confirms what her Career Design shows, that she prefers to feel independent, self-reliant and efficient. She agrees that she is looked up to as a leader, but isn’t interested in leading the team in the day-to-day operations.

Looking at her Career Design through the lens of an Alpha One Analysis, I recommended that she hire a business manager or have an office manager who is ideally suited to take care of day-to-day operations. As her business has grown, she understands that it’s time to expand and find the correct Alpha (manager) to lead and guide the team. This would free her up to expand her knowledge as a Medical Practitioner and spend her time treating patients.

Current Alpha One: Not Ideal
Recommendation: Hire an Advisor as a Business or Office Manager to run day-to-day operations. Ideally this individual will help fill part of the Gap the Unified Group has in Culture (more information on this in our next installment).

The Team


Bookkeeper Part-time
Classic Builder
Gut Response/Clarity
Solo, Large Group
Oversight, Implementation
Functions: Identity/Direction, Will Power, Emotional Intelligence, Drive and Stamina, Energy Resource, Survival Instincts
Shadows & Distractions: Losing Focus, Mentally Defensive, Trying to be the Star
Public Role: Practical Marketer/Detailed Authority

The Bookkeeper is a Classic Builder with Independent Assimilation. She’s also the oldest of the team and isn’t ideally designed to work in a Small Group. She works from home, coming in a few times a week to interact with the team. She needs to Gain Clarity after Response for correct decision-making. The owner (and other team members) are now aware that decisions for the Bookkeeper will take more time. It was important to note that when the Bookkeeper comes into the office, the emotional tone changes. Other team members have noticed this and find it uncomfortable and a disruption to the normal flow. She isn’t designed to work in a Small Group and prefers working from home (Preference follows her Career Design). This helps mitigate the disruption to normal operations on a daily basis. (We’ll review Triggers for the Unified Group in our next installment. This also plays a part in the dis-ease when the Bookkeeper is in the office.)


Master Aesthetician Full-time
Express Builder
Gut Response
Solo, Partnership, Small Group
Public Relations, Reliability, Capacity
Functions: Inspiration, Conceptualization, Communication/Action, Identity/Direction, Energy Resource
Shadows & Distractions: Touchy & Nervous, Too Much of a Hurry, Over-Compensating & Committing, Lack of Flexibility
Public Role: Role Model/Potential Talent

The Aesthetician is an Express Builder with Collaborative Assimilation. She enjoys being with the other team members and also talking with the various clients and patients that come in and out of the office during the day. She is suited to work in a Small Group and it shows. She’s a great team player and co-worker. When the Bookkeeper is out of the office, she naturally takes over the role of ‘elder’ in the hierarchy of the office. She naturally has much to share, but sometimes needs to be coaxed to step up and lead when necessary.


Life Coach and Healing Service Full-time
Classic Builder
Gut Response/Clarity
Solo, Small Group
Public Relations, Planning, Reliability, Coordination, Capacity, Commitment
Functions: Identity/Direction, Emotional Intelligence, Drive and Stamina, Energy Resource, Survival Instincts
Shadows & Distractions: Losing Focus, Mentally Defensive, Trying to be the Star, Over-Compensating & Committing,
Public Role: Determined Discoverer/Practical Marketer

The Life Coach is a Classic Builder with Gut Response/Clarity. Her decision-making may require more time than her co-workers. Being aware of this has raised awareness and understanding in the office. Because she is full time she is the one who sets the emotional tone in the office.

She is designed to work in a Small Group, however, she is independent, follows her convictions and extremely focused. She is very supportive of the Owner and can be ‘judgmental’ when other team members aren’t up to her standards. She’s the youngest team member.

Team Member Review

All four members of this group are Builders … two are Classic Builders and two are Express Builders. There is a notable difference in the way the two types of Builders in this Group work and communicate … Classic Builders at a steady pace and Express Builders moving (and communicating) extremely quickly. This team, however, has been able to find a common ground and respect (with the exception of the Bookkeeper). Everyone is busy doing their work and for the most part loving the work they do.

  • Although the Owner is younger than two of the team members, her strong Individuality and Leadership Strengths are evident and respected in the office. When the three full-time team members are in the office working together, things run rather smoothly and easily.
  • The Aesthetician brings a logical mind and problem-solving capability to the group and has great public relations skills. She works well with the team and the clients and patients that visit the office.
  • The Life Coach sets the emotional tone for the office and each time I’ve visited, the tone has been very positive. She seems to ride her emotional wave with grace (at least from what I’ve observed and what the owner has told me).
  • The Bookkeeper brings another emotional tone to the mix and often it causes a disruption in flow of day-to-day operations. The Owner and the Bookkeeper have agreed that it’s in everyone’s best interest for most of her work to be done at home. Very detail-oriented, this team member does her job efficiently and effectively.

Next time, we’ll dig into the Unified Group Analysis and see how this fits together.

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You CAN Build a Thriving Business on Any Budget

You CAN Build a Thriving Business on Any Budget

Staff Spotlight: Ruth Brennan

by Lynda Bunnell

Meet Ruth Brennan.
She’s a Living Your Design Guide and a student in both PTL1, Semester 3 and is currently enrolled in the BG5 Business Consultant Certification Course. She also owns a Creative Agency and has been in the business of building brands and helping businesses succeed since 1999. Ruth’s been a Creative and Communications Consultant with the IHDS and the BG5 Business Institute this year.

Ruth Brennan – Career Design Overview
Career Type: Classic Builder
Personal Interaction:  Responding then Engaging
Decision Making Strategy: Respond from the Gut
Assimilation: Independent
Life Theme: Satisfaction or Frustration 


I’ve been working with Ruth on several projects this year  for the IHDS and the BG5 Business Institute. She has many decades of experience in branding, advertising, marketing and web/graphic design. Many of her clients and colleagues describe her as a master communicator. She has a deep passion for helping small- to medium-sized businesses thrive, and has synthesized it with her passion for Human Design and BG5. It’s a perfect storm of talent and experience to bring back the Professional Development Program. I asked her to lead it and she’s responded with a resounding, UH HUH! Stay tuned for more information and detail on this exciting new program scheduled for 2016.

“I’m passionate about putting a spotlight on people’s hopes and dreams for success in the material world. I believe BG5™ is an amazing tool to help people, especially young people, in their careers and business align with their uniqueness … and become successful, satisfied, peaceful or even surprised at what their special talents and gifts contribute to the world … to embrace who they are and not what they think they should be. That’s when their genius can come shining through.”~ Ruth Brennan

Ruth has a long history in the creative arts. Her first appearance on the stage was in second grade and it instilled in her a love for acting, speaking, and communicating. She went on to perform in 100s of stage productions around the country, in Europe, and in New York. She also recorded 2 children’s albums in the 1980s. Her group, The Dream Weaver’s performed live to audiences in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Her passion for graphic design started as she designed her own promotional materials and logos for the productions. Her career naturally developed as she studied advertising, communication, marketing and web design over the years. She was a pioneer HTML coder in the mid-to-late 1980s … and to this day, loves keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and opportunities for marketing businesses on the internet. “It never gets old to me,” Ruth says. “I get as excited about starting a new project today as I did 25-30 years ago.”

Creatively expressing herself just comes naturally, and she’s an expert at taking complex ideas and situations and explaining them in a way that can be understood. Her life force is all about taking herself and others on a transformational journey … working with others to rise up and succeed in the business world.

When asked what most excites her about BG5™ and the new Professional Development Program she said, “It has seemed like a perfect partnership for me and my business from the first time I heard about BG5. I knew instinctively that this was something that I would embrace and integrate into my business, much like I’ve integrated Human Design into my life. There was no going back. Now, if I know someone’s Career Design I look at helping them through the lens of this extraordinary knowledge. I look forward to getting my BG5 Consultant Certification in March 2016. I have the greatest respect for this knowledge and its application in the business world.”

“The Professional Development Program will take this to the next level. We’ll be working with Analysts and Consultants on the Business of their Businesses. You can be the most amazing Analyst or Consultant and not have all of the pieces you need to make a successful business for yourself. If we want to help get this knowledge out into the world, Analysts and Consultants can now get additional support they might need to succeed,” she went on to explain.

Ruth and I have discussed how BG5 and her creative business are natural partners. During a conversation one day I mentioned the Professional Development Program that we had launched in 2008. It immediately peaked her interest. When the timing was correct, we agreed to re-start the program in 2016 with her in the lead. “I’m so excited about this opportunity,” she said. “It’s like everything I’ve done in my personal and professional life until now has lined up to present the perfect situation for my passions, my talents and my experience,” Ruth continued. Actively pursuing my passions while waiting for something fabulous to respond to has definitely worked well for me.

A fun fact about Ruth … She’s lived all over the world from Alaska to Arizona and from Germany to California, but will always consider Alaska home. She was a contest in the Miss Alaska pageant in her late teens, and, she wrote and performed her own dramatic piece for the talent competition. She’s also written and produced 5 musical murder mysteries that were performed non-stop in New York for over 5 years.

Working with Ruth these past many months has given me a renewed sense of passion for Human Design, the IHDS and the BG5 Business Institute! There are too many ways to state how Ruth has helped to move Human Design forward! She is an incredible life force. Anyone joining the new Professional Development Program will have a transformative experience I’m certain!



What do Karen Sherwood & Fig Newtons have in common?

What do Karen Sherwood & Fig Newtons have in common?

Staff Spotlight: Karen Sherwood

by Ruth Brennan

Meet Karen Sherwood.
A Certified BG5™ Consultant since 2013, she is an Assistant Instructor in the BG5™ Certification Course. Karen is enrolled in Professional Analyst training with IHDS and currently resides in Centennial, Colorado.

Karen Sherwood – Career Design Overview
Career Type: Classic Builder
Personal Interaction:  Responding then Engaging
Decision Making Strategy: Wait for Clarity
Assimilation: Collaborative
Life Theme: Satisfaction or Frustration 


I spoke with Karen last week about her experience using business terminology in her work as a BG5 Consultant, and how she feels it enhances communication with students in the BG5 Consultant Certification Course she teaches with Lynda Bunnell this year.

“I have worked with and taught many communication, business and self-development programs, the BG5™ Success Code is by far the most powerful system I have worked with both personally and professionally. I have experienced first-hand how this information can help break down barriers of communication; build confidence; have individuals own and fully utilize their unique gifts and talents; develop leadership potential; help businesses hire the right people with the right skill set; allow people to work in environments that support their creativity; and provide a way to create more productive, happy and healthy work places and teams.” ~ Karen Sherwood

We talked about using BG5™ business terminology with her clients. “It’s become easier to communicate with my clients, it’s [the new business terminology] more powerful and has more impact in the business world,” she said. Karen told me that her clients readily accept and understand the information. It makes sense to them right off the bat. Clients are more open and understand the BG5 concepts quickly and easily. Karen said, “Now BG5 can be accessible to a wider audience.”

Karen comes to BG5™ from the business world. She has over 25 years of management experience including owning her own training, coaching and consulting business. Karen brings her knowledge and real-world field experience to the BG5™ Business Institute.

After completing the IHDS Foundation Courses with Carol Zimmerman, she took her BG5 Consultant Certification training in 2013 with Lynda Bunnell and Michael Brown. She then took her passion for BG5 to the classroom, as an Assistant Instructor with Michael Brown in 2014 and this year she assists Lynda Bunnell teaching the New BG5 Consultant Certification Course given at the BG5 Business Institute.

When asked what Business Skill or Attribute she most resonates with personally, Karen said “Implementation and Public Relations – getting the detailed fundamentals of whatever I am teaching directly to the client.” This is also the design of the creative role model.  Although unconscious in her design, it’s something that friends and clients often mention. After shedding a substantial amount of physical (and emotional) weight, Karen entered the Mrs. Colorado America Beauty Pageant. It was her way of learning to love herself and was inspirational to those around to her.

A fun fact about her ancestors … Karen’s great-grandfather was Artemis Kennedy who started the Kennedy Biscuit Company (forerunner to Nabisco) in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1805. Though the name is not commonly known today, many of the products made at this location until its closing in the early 1900’s, including Fig Newtons and Lorna Doones, are still enjoyed today. Her ancestors were no strangers to innovation. Looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as Karen helps bring BG5 knowledge out into the business world today.

When asked what most excites her about BG5™ she said, “BG5 offers more than Meyer-Briggs, DISC and other popular personality systems because of its depth and focus on uniqueness.”

Thank you, Karen, for helping the BG5™ Business Institute make the world a better place.

Our Core Value: By helping people excel in their work life, an overall well-being is created that increases their quality of life. Their quality of life impacts their family and community, and ultimately helps to better our world. ~ Lynda Bunnell

It’s Powerful and Everyone Can Use This Knowledge

It’s Powerful and Everyone Can Use This Knowledge

Student Spotlight: Lisa Andrea Friedman

by Ruth Brennan

Meet Lisa Andrea Friedman.
 She’s a student in the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course (Semester 2). This class will graduate and become certified after successfully completing Semester 3 in March 2016. As well, Lisa is in Analyst training with IHDS and is currently a Certified Living Your Design Guide living in Hawaii.

Lisa’s Career Design Overview
Career Type: Advisor
Personal Interaction:  Recognition & Invitation, then Engaging
Decision Making Strategy: Willful Determination
Assimilation: Independent
Life Theme: Success or Bitterness

Lisa Friedman

I spoke with Lisa last week about her experiences as a student in the BG5 Business Institute. She’s part of a group of students being taught BG5™ utilizing business terminology. The foundation of the knowledge remains true, however, the business terms are being used to better explain the BG5™ concepts to the business world.

“I felt it was necessary to change the (BG5) vocabulary in order to be able to appeal to what has been the traditional consultant language in which business people on the whole are comfortable with.  We’re there to be a business consultant.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

When asked if the business approach resonated with her and if it has been a difficult transition from Human Design language Lisa replied, “Studying BG5 has accelerated my ability to understand the knowledge, by using another way to explain the same concepts. It’s clearer and has given me a confidence boost in my Professional Analyst Training. It makes it so easy to explain the BG5 area of Human Design to a wider and more general audience.”

We discussed what has surprised her most about her own Career Design,  Lisa says learning that she was designed to work alone AND also in partnership or in big organizations. This was a real eye opener (in a big way). “I always assumed working by myself (Advisors or Projectors working best one-on-one) was the best choice, now other options are opening up to me,” she said.

Lisa has been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years. Her first job was working for a large organization as part of a small group (Penta).  After nine years there she was burnt out. She assumed that the large corporation was a bad fit. Lisa didn’t feel recognized, wasn’t given a role, and just felt like a number.  She became bitter.  Her strengths weren’t being recognized in the small group setting she was in on a daily basis. After learning more about her Career Design she now realizes that she wasn’t comfortable in the small group or Penta. It’s not part of her Career Design.

She has numerous Business Skills and Attributes. Discovering that Coordination was one of them was validating to her. “I LOVE to coordinate things, I love it,” Lisa commented.  She went on to say, “Boring but true, yes … I have the attribute of Details-Fundamentals in the Skill of Accounting. It’s my job to know where every penny is, and I do. It drives other people batty, but to me it’s just the way it is.”

And a fun fact … she has innate Sales ability with Potential of Talent and Marketing. Lisa had no idea. Laughing she said, “If I think about it, I win over referrals at the rate of 1 out of 4. I built a business by networking.  Understanding I also have this innate ability opens new avenues for me, to be me, and market myself. I had no idea there was a different way to do it.”

And finally, when asked what she is most excited about sharing with future clients she said that, in her opinion, “Career Overviews have so much information, an incredible amount of information. It’s powerful to receive a Career Overview, especially early on in your career. To realize your Career Type, most suitable Work Environment and Decision Making Strategy can save a lot of wasted time and energy. It potentially puts you on the best material pathway in life.”

Thanks Lisa, for taking the time to share your story.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.  ~ Confucius

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confucius

The BG5™ Career Design System is the career and business methodology of The Science of Differentiation.

Unlike what most of us were told in our youth, we’re each designed to be different. We were gifted with inherent gifts and talents that can expressed in our own unique way. Knowing and understanding your BG5™ Career Design can help you (and your clients) thrive, not merely survive, in the business world.

It wasn’t that long ago that the perfect formula for a happy and healthy life was thought to be:

8 hours of work + 8 hours of recreation + 8 hours of rest
= happy life

It was a radical idea in the late 1800s and the Labor Day holiday in the US and Canada was born from the “revolutionary” idea that workers should be limited to laboring for only 8 hours a day. Before that time, workers (including child laborers) had very few rights or protections and were supposed to be happy to just have a job – no matter the conditions, hours, demands or dangers involved.

The same worker’s movement was alive and well all around the world at that time, with different results in different countries. What’s notable is conditions for labor improved, and have steadily improved since, around the world. Of course, there are exceptions to this generalization.

If you’re American or Canadian, you’ve more than likely just celebrated the unofficial end of summer, or Labor Day weekend. It’s worth mentioning that, although Americans typically don’t take to the streets to protest unsafe working conditions or unfair worker treatment on Labor Day, there are many countries around the world where that’s exactly what this day is about, whenever it gets recognized on the calendar. Many countries celebrate International Workers Day or May Day, and in New Zealand their Labour Day is celebrated in October.

And now, in the 21st Century, we have access to a revolutionary science, The Science of Differentiation, and BG5™ can help us take our business lives to new levels … far beyond the monumental 8-hour work day movement of late 19th Century. A healthy and happy life can take on a whole new meaning for this and future generations.

Imagine, having access to your career type, how to make your best decisions, what type of environment you’re suited to work in … and so many additional design details that can create an ease and grace about how you make a living. Now, imagine having access to this information when you were just getting ready to enter the workforce. Ra always said that this information was meant for the children. A lifetime of knowing your design and how to make decisions as yourself, what a gift that would be! Actually, it’s a gift at any age and at any stage in your working life.

I became aware of my Career Design earlier this year. I’m a Classic Builder … for many reasons in my BG5™ Success Code, I’m best suited for working solo. And although I currently work as a solo-entrepreneur, my earlier jobs were in large corporate environments and/or a small groups or teams of 3 or more. I was successful, and sought after, and respected in my field. However, I wasn’t truly satisfied. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, however, in retrospect there was stress or distress and dissatisfaction with what I was doing in my business life. I still do similar work (I have a creative agency that provides branding, marketing, advertising services along with web and graphic design) AND I am much happier, much more satisfied and love what I do working Solo. I have a happy and healthy work life.

I wouldn’t change a thing because of the amazing experience I received. And, as Lynda Bunnell, Dean of the BG5™ Business Institute has said, “We like to meet people where they’re at with BG5™.” Or put another way, if I had a Career Design Reading and was working at a large corporation she wouldn’t necessarily tell me to quit my job on the spot, work on my own and life would become a bed of roses. What a BG5™ Consultant might say would be to use all of your experiences, align with your Decision Making Strategy and look to where you might be best suited. Move forward and confidently create a work life you can love based on what you know to be your strengths, talents, characteristics and qualities.

Here’s to loving your work! Unlock your BG5™ Success Code.

In Ra’s words:

I see how important it can be for human beings, how much suffering there is on the material plane, how many people with great gifts, wonderful talents, nice human beings, how they suffer on this plane because of material want.

But, one thing that I always respected about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Osho, was that he was always sending these people out into the world to make a living: go make a living, go into the world and work. You cannot be truly clear in this life, someone who is correct in this life, if you do not have a natural place on the material plane, a natural place. The beauty of what we can bring with this knowledge is to be able to give everyone a sense of well-being in the workplace.

And in that way, I think the knowledge provides a service that far, far, far extends beyond the potential of what can be done on the Human Design side. I would be very happy being able to provide material, beneficence, to the millions and hundreds of millions of beings whose lives could be made so much simpler if they understood the mechanics of how to operate on the material plane, and how wonderful that would be to take that pressure away and to bring such a gift. It’s part of what we’re here to do.” ~ Ra Uru Hu