You CAN Build a Thriving Business on Any Budget

You CAN Build a Thriving Business on Any Budget

Staff Spotlight: Ruth Brennan

by Lynda Bunnell

Meet Ruth Brennan.
She’s a Living Your Design Guide and a student in both PTL1, Semester 3 and is currently enrolled in the BG5 Business Consultant Certification Course. She also owns a Creative Agency and has been in the business of building brands and helping businesses succeed since 1999. Ruth’s been a Creative and Communications Consultant with the IHDS and the BG5 Business Institute this year.

Ruth Brennan – Career Design Overview
Career Type: Classic Builder
Personal Interaction:  Responding then Engaging
Decision Making Strategy: Respond from the Gut
Assimilation: Independent
Life Theme: Satisfaction or Frustration 


I’ve been working with Ruth on several projects this year  for the IHDS and the BG5 Business Institute. She has many decades of experience in branding, advertising, marketing and web/graphic design. Many of her clients and colleagues describe her as a master communicator. She has a deep passion for helping small- to medium-sized businesses thrive, and has synthesized it with her passion for Human Design and BG5. It’s a perfect storm of talent and experience to bring back the Professional Development Program. I asked her to lead it and she’s responded with a resounding, UH HUH! Stay tuned for more information and detail on this exciting new program scheduled for 2016.

“I’m passionate about putting a spotlight on people’s hopes and dreams for success in the material world. I believe BG5™ is an amazing tool to help people, especially young people, in their careers and business align with their uniqueness … and become successful, satisfied, peaceful or even surprised at what their special talents and gifts contribute to the world … to embrace who they are and not what they think they should be. That’s when their genius can come shining through.”~ Ruth Brennan

Ruth has a long history in the creative arts. Her first appearance on the stage was in second grade and it instilled in her a love for acting, speaking, and communicating. She went on to perform in 100s of stage productions around the country, in Europe, and in New York. She also recorded 2 children’s albums in the 1980s. Her group, The Dream Weaver’s performed live to audiences in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Her passion for graphic design started as she designed her own promotional materials and logos for the productions. Her career naturally developed as she studied advertising, communication, marketing and web design over the years. She was a pioneer HTML coder in the mid-to-late 1980s … and to this day, loves keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and opportunities for marketing businesses on the internet. “It never gets old to me,” Ruth says. “I get as excited about starting a new project today as I did 25-30 years ago.”

Creatively expressing herself just comes naturally, and she’s an expert at taking complex ideas and situations and explaining them in a way that can be understood. Her life force is all about taking herself and others on a transformational journey … working with others to rise up and succeed in the business world.

When asked what most excites her about BG5™ and the new Professional Development Program she said, “It has seemed like a perfect partnership for me and my business from the first time I heard about BG5. I knew instinctively that this was something that I would embrace and integrate into my business, much like I’ve integrated Human Design into my life. There was no going back. Now, if I know someone’s Career Design I look at helping them through the lens of this extraordinary knowledge. I look forward to getting my BG5 Consultant Certification in March 2016. I have the greatest respect for this knowledge and its application in the business world.”

“The Professional Development Program will take this to the next level. We’ll be working with Analysts and Consultants on the Business of their Businesses. You can be the most amazing Analyst or Consultant and not have all of the pieces you need to make a successful business for yourself. If we want to help get this knowledge out into the world, Analysts and Consultants can now get additional support they might need to succeed,” she went on to explain.

Ruth and I have discussed how BG5 and her creative business are natural partners. During a conversation one day I mentioned the Professional Development Program that we had launched in 2008. It immediately peaked her interest. When the timing was correct, we agreed to re-start the program in 2016 with her in the lead. “I’m so excited about this opportunity,” she said. “It’s like everything I’ve done in my personal and professional life until now has lined up to present the perfect situation for my passions, my talents and my experience,” Ruth continued. Actively pursuing my passions while waiting for something fabulous to respond to has definitely worked well for me.

A fun fact about Ruth … She’s lived all over the world from Alaska to Arizona and from Germany to California, but will always consider Alaska home. She was a contest in the Miss Alaska pageant in her late teens, and, she wrote and performed her own dramatic piece for the talent competition. She’s also written and produced 5 musical murder mysteries that were performed non-stop in New York for over 5 years.

Working with Ruth these past many months has given me a renewed sense of passion for Human Design, the IHDS and the BG5 Business Institute! There are too many ways to state how Ruth has helped to move Human Design forward! She is an incredible life force. Anyone joining the new Professional Development Program will have a transformative experience I’m certain!



Presenting the New International BG5™ Business Institute

Presenting the New International BG5™ Business Institute

Hello Everyone!

We have been very busy for the past several months getting ready to launch the new International BG5™ Business Institute. And I am so excited to now be able to share it with all of you.

Presenting BG5™ (Career & Business Analysis) to the mainstream world was a vision and dream of Ra’s. He felt that, if presented correctly, we could help to improve the lives of so many individuals, families and communities. We all need to make our way in the material or business world – to provide for others and ourselves.

BG5™ presents the knowledge of Human Design in a new way. The BG5™ Career & Business Design System is not a personal development and enlightenment tool, but rather a way to show people the how, why and where they are best suited in the business world. It’s best to hear it in Ra’s words:

“BG5™ is not directly connected with what we would call the spiritual or awakening domain. It’s business. And the goal (with BG5™) is not to be awake. The goal is to improve the bottom line. It means that material capacity, material potential, is something that needs to be understood very deeply in the design of a human being in order to be able to give them the tools that they will need to be able to operate correctly in the future, and be able to bring the material resources that they’re going to need into their lives.”  Ra Uru Hu.

When Ra and I discussed his vision for the IHDS, one area that he gave significant importance was BG5™. He was a compassionate man, and he cared about the well-being of his fellow humans. As many of us know, he spoke quite often about the plight and struggles of others. He felt BG5™ was one way in which he could help. That it could provide an avenue for the entire world – no matter what their fractal and interests – to have an easier time interacting with the world around them.

I’ve been busy with many aspects of the IHDS since 2010, but I have always had BG5™ on my radar as something I knew I needed to devote special attention to. It was just simmering on the back burner, staying warm, until I could bring it forward and follow through with Ra’s wishes.

And now it is a reality. The BG5™ Business Institute was created to give this body of knowledge its own focus and prominence in the business and career coaching and consulting marketplace. As were Ra’s wishes, BG5™ is now accessible to the world with its own platform, a rich and robust training program with dedicated teachers, and an opportunity to provide a truly revolutionary method of interacting with the business world to the general public.

The BG5™ Trainings currently offered:

Track 1 – The BG5™ Fundamentals establishes an understanding of the BG5 System and is comparable to the IHDS Foundation courses. Those that have already taken the IHDS Foundation Courses through any qualified IHDS teacher, meet the prerequisites to begin Track 2.

Track 2 – The BG5™ Consultant Certification Program certifies students to provide Career and Business services to individuals and to businesses, and establishes an understanding of the Career and Business Analysis Tools that are needed.

Track 3 – Large Business Analysis Certification (OC16™) This optional track trains a BG5™ Consultant to work with and help engineer and/or reengineer Large Businesses and Groups.

In addition to the English Language program, we also have Spanish, French, German and Italian Language Programs starting soon. We will add other languages in time.

All of the details of each of these programs, as well as an introduction to the BG5™ Staff and Faculty will be available on the BG5™ Business Institute website, and in future newsletters.

Just to give you a taste of more to come, here are some of our plans for the future:

  • Begin a Professional Development Program for Human Design and/or BG5™ Consultant professionals. The goal of this program will be to provide you with the tools to help you be a success at your business.
  • Provide a BG5™ Consultant update program to bring all previously trained BG5™ Consultants current with the new terminology, material and tools for your individual business.
  • Establish a private BG5™ Consultant graduate forum for questions and answers and the sharing of information.
  • Create material and tools to assist the BG5™ Consultants with quality and consistent branding to deliver professional products to your clients.
  • Make available a more robust BG5™ Consultant listing on the new BG5™ Business Institute website to give you and your business more visibility.
  • Conduct open houses and information webinars to publicize and market BG5™ services to targeted markets creating more visibility and business for all BG5™ Consultants.
  • Social media campaigns to broaden the BG5™ outreach into the career and business communities.

We are looking forward to sharing more with you soon – and please feel free to email us with questions at any time.


To sign up for the BG5™ Business Institute newsletter for future information and announcements, click here.

BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program

BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program

Hello Everyone,

BG5™ Career & Business Consulting is an area of Human Design that holds tremendous value for people. To be able to consult with clients on how they best fit into Career and Business, is liberating. When you can help someone understand their Career Design or Working Design or Partnership Design or Executive Management Design, you have given them a true gift. And it takes real skill to articulate these things to your clients.

In the BG5™ Consultant Training Program you will learn how to meet with your clients to gather information about their work and business so that you will be able to coach and consult them in the areas that they need most.

Is your client an Innovator that gets the ball rolling as the idea person, that has the “what”; or a Builder that can build and grow a business, a workhorse that has the “how”; or an Advisor who can direct the action of others, including administration and leadership because they “see”; or a Evaluator, an indispensable advisor, assessor and “condition” monitor? And within the groups there are many variations of skill sets.

And once you know where they fit into the Career Design picture, do you know how to advise them and consult with them? We each have an operating mode in terms of how we best interact with others, groups or one-on-one and we each have a personal decision making strategy that might involve an instantaneous knowing, gut instinct, time to consider or some may even require advisors. And once we know these things how do we explain it to them within a career or business setting so that it helps them in their working life?

These questions and many many others get covered and answered in the BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program. Come and join us and add value to your clients by upgrading your ability to help them. The demand for this type of service is going to continue to increase. We are very excited to offer BG5™ training in a way that truly helps people in all aspects of business. Click here for a course description.

Best wishes,

The BG5™ Success Code

The BG5™ Success Code

Hello Everyone,

Over this past weekend Bethi Black and I met with a Human Resources manager to talk about BG5™. We had a lovely meeting as we discussed the many benefits that the BG5™ Success Code brings to the table for individuals and businesses. She is an “Advisor” among the BG5™ Career Types, and she has seen first hand how BG5™ helps.

She talked about how it has already helped her. She recently went through a transition at work, and she said without knowing about herself through this information it would have been a harder transition. But, with information and understanding, comes a sense of confidence. She understood the situation based on what she had learned and she waited patiently while the environment around her settled down after the change.

And she got through it with much less personal stress than if she had not known how to interact best with new colleagues and in new office and team situations. She was also able to deal with her teammates without taking the initial uncomfortableness personally. She understood the dynamics better and her only regret was that she did not have charts available for the entire team to help her advise even better.

She has since been introducing this knowledge to other co-workers as she honors her own personal interaction and decision strategy. She is a fan and will be using the tools for many years to come.

The BG5 Success Code changes lives! We left the meeting with this lovely person feeling very satisfied about the work we are doing.

Best wishes to all,
Lynda Bunnell