Unlock The 5 Success Secrets of your Hidden Potential


BG5 Presents an Introductory Webinar:

Unlock The 5 Success Secrets of your Hidden Potential

How to Unlock your Greatest Gifts with BG5, the World’s Most Advanced Human Analysis Tool

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Many of us feel unfulfilled with the day-to-day world of our job, career, and business. You may be working at a job just to make money, while wishing you could do what you love instead. Or, you may be doing what you love, yet struggling to pay all the bills. You may be making enough money, but feeling unsatisfied in your current line of work, or just knowing deep down that something important is missing.

The world is filled with frustrated individuals – over-worked and under utilizing their vast resource of potential gifts, talents and genius.

What if you could pull back the veil, and see how uniquely you are designed to achieve your highest potential in the working world?

What if you could do the same for others – for family, friends, coworkers, and employees?

In this one-hour webinar you will be introduced to the world’s most advanced human analysis tool and learn how it can reveal your true hidden potential.

We will explore the secrets of…

  1. How to best use your energy in a career you love.
  2. How to communicate with others effectively.
  3. How to confidently make the best decisions in any situation.
  4. How to identify your consistent strengths that you can rely on 24-7.
  5. How to quickly recognize what throws you off track and distracts you from achieving material success.

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The BG5 Approach to Emotional Intelligence

The BG5 Approach to Emotional Intelligence Webinar Replay

Emotional Intelligence is a big buzz word in the world of business, but what does it mean from a BG5 perspective?

Over half of the population (approximately 53%) is defined emotionally.

If you are emotionally defined it is critical to understanding how this definition plays a huge roll in your ability to make decisions.

If you are NOT emotionally defined it is critical to understand the unconscious impact others can have on you emotionally.

How does Emotional Intelligence affect you?

We invite you to join us for this BG5 exclusive free webinar event where we will explore Emotional Intelligence and discover…

  • How to know if you are emotionally defined or not.
  • The major differences in how Emotional Intelligence operates for those who are emotionally defined and those who are not.
  • How to transform negative mind chatter caused by emotions.
  • The underlying mechanics of your Decision Making Strategy to make the right choices when you are emotionally defined.
  • The shadows and distractions that can throw you off track and the effects on others.
  • The chemistry of emotional waves if you are NOT emotionally defined.
  • The gift of Emotional Intelligence in leading you towards satisfaction, success and peace in your job, career or business.
  • And much more…

We believe that “by helping people excel in their work life, an overall well-being is created that increases their quality of life. Their quality of life impacts their family and community, and ultimately helps to better our world.” ~ Lynda Bunnell – Director of the BG5 Business Institute

Join Karen Sherwood,, instructor of the BG5 Foundation & Certification Courses in this one hour transformational event to help you understand how Emotional Intelligence operates in your life and career, and how to utilize it for the best results!

Enjoy the Webinar!