BG5 Career & Business Open House – Why BG5 is a Good Investment.

Recorded BG5 Webinar Event
“Why BG5 is a Smart Investment
BG5 Career & Business Open House”

Curious about how BG5 can help you understanding yourself and others in terms of career and business?

Whether you are interested in exploring how BG5 can improve your career development, or you’re already a Human Design Professional and want to expand your practice, BG5 is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Help your clients with their career and work decisions; help small businesses engineer their work teams for an improved bottom line and a healthier work environment, and more!

You’re invited to join us for a virtual Open House. Come join us to learn about the exciting educational opportunities available using BG5 to unlock you and your client’s hidden potential.

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Karen Sherwood is a Faculty Member and a BG5™ Program Consultant for the BG5 Business Institute. She has over 25 years of management experience including owning her own training, coaching and consulting business. Karen brings her knowledge and real world field experience to the BG5™ Business Institute. She provides BG5™ Career Design Overviews and Analysis, as well as Business Analysis Consultations to individuals and businesses looking to gain insight into their career or business and to experience first hand the power of this information.