We’re Dedicated to Your Success

The BG5™ Business Institute is committed to creating the optimal educational experience for our students. Our staff is here to support you in any way we can while you are a student and after you graduate and become certified as a BG5™ Career & Business Consultant.

Please contact us at office@bg5businessinstitite.com for information or to answer any questions you may have about the BG5™ Business Institute or its classes and certifications.

Lynda Bunnell, Dean

Lynda Bunnell is the Dean of the BG5™ Business Institute. She is passionate about moving The BG5™ Career & Business System out into the world and making it available to everyone. She works diligently to support and expand the community of clients and professionals throughout the world, and has dedicated herself to this unique methodology.

“This work has transformed my life and the way I view the world around me, so much so, that I want to continue to bring this work to all who can benefit from it.”

Lynda’s background includes 30 plus years as a successful businesswoman in corporate America, working at top international high-tech companies in an executive management capacity. From 1999 to 2006 she ran her own consulting agency, and since 2006 she has run a successful online school. She was raised and still resides in Southern California.

eMail: lynda@bg5businessinstitute.com

Karen Sherwood, Director of Training & Educational Development, Marketing and Certified BG5™ Master Instructor

Karen Sherwood is the Director of Training and Educational Development, Marketing as well as a Certified BG5™ Master Instructor for the BG5 Business Institute. She has over 25 years of management experience including owning her own training, coaching and consulting business. Karen brings her knowledge and real world field experience to the BG5™ Business Institute. She responsible for the ongoing development of the BG5 Education Programs and courses and promoting and marketing those courses around the world. She also provides BG5™ Career Design Overviews and Analysis, as well as Business Analysis Consultations to individuals and businesses looking to gain insight into their career or business and to experience first hand the power of this information.

“I have worked with and taught many communication, business and self development programs, the BG5 Success Code is by far the most powerful system I have worked with both personally and professionally. I have experienced first hand how this information can help break down barriers of communication; build confidence; have individuals own and fully utilize their unique gifts and talents; develop leadership potential; help businesses hire the right people with the right skill set; allow people to work in environments that supports their creativity; and provide a way to create more productive, happy and healthy work places and teams.”

As a BG5™ Consultant with a degree in communications, Karen has a passion for supporting businesses in increasing their communication skills, helping individuals fully utilize their unique gifts and talents, and building productive solid work teams. As a business trainer and consultant, Karen has traveled the country working with large corporations, small companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies training them to be more effective and productive in all areas of their business.

eMail: karen@bg5businessinstitute.com

Lynette Hagins, Administrator

Lynette Hagins is Administrator of the BG5™ Business Institute, and an excellent example of what it means to live in the truth of who she is. She supports both the clients and students of the school, and you can ask her anything and she will always supply the answer.

“I’ve learned that everything perfect is already within you and there is nothing that needs to be added. There is only the falling away of that which was never you to begin with! The most vital relationship remains, the one with myself. I have learned over time, it’s not about what I think I want, but what I already am, in each moment. Everything else just takes care of itself and my life continues to unfold with the perfect cast of supporting characters.”

Lynette has extensive experience working in various businesses, and also in running her own business. She lives and works in Southern California.

eMail: office@bg5businessinstitute.com

Ruth Brennan, Artistic & Communications Consultant

Ruth Brennan is a BG5™ Consultant and the Artistic and Communications Consultant for the BG5™ Business Institute and leads the Professional Development Program. She’s the creative architect and designer of all that you see on this website, as well as in its various visual tools and publications. She has 30 plus years of experience in Graphic and Web Design, Branding, Communications and Marketing. Ruth was also a pioneer in HTML coding, and transitioning art departments from traditional to electronic publishing. She specializes in helping Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses find their unique brand and voice, and communicate their message using graphics, words, audio and video. In 2008-09 she was the co-host of a podcast series entitled, Small Business Big Money, that addressed marketing and advertising issues for individuals and businesses without an in-house marketing or advertising department.

“I’m passionate about putting a spotlight on people’s hopes and dreams for success in the material world. I believe BG5™ is an amazing tool to help people, especially young people, in their careers and business align with their uniqueness … and become successful, satisfied, peaceful or even surprised at what their special talents and gifts contribute to the world … to embrace who they are and not what they think they should be. That’s when their genius can come shining through.”

She’s a life-long student of the creative arts, including recording 2 children’s music albums, participating in multiple stage and screen productions, and as playwright of 5 Murder Mysteries, Ruth has lived across the US, including Alaska, and currently resides in SW Washington with her dog Lester.

eMail: ruth@bg5businessinstitute.com

Becky Markley, Executive Advisor

Becky is a BG5™ Consultant, Teacher, and editor of the BG5™ Training Manuals. She provides practical information and career advice, and specializes in one-on-one analysis for individuals when they are ready to be empowered to recognize & embrace their unique qualities for the benefit of their career journey. A broad knowledge of and depth in this system contributes to her holistic approach. Her precise investigative skills have contributed greatly to the deep archive of knowledge that the BG5™ Business Institute can provide to its students.

“I am so grateful that this information is available in the business context. I had problems. I did not understand that I could work well in certain environments but not others. In some groupings I was not recognized or “allowed” to do what I could do best. Only through understanding the mechanics of different types of configurations could I realize why some situations worked quite well, and others were dismal failures. Only in the right groupings can we feel good and succeed at a material level!”

Becky’s background includes over 35 years of working in and guiding non-profit organizations, government and private small & medium-size businesses, large corporate businesses, and and for the last 13 years as owner of her own consulting firm. Her work for others provided her with diverse and extensive experiences, including office manager, customer service specialist, software trainer, HR project manager, business analyst, quality assurance analyst, writer, editor and teacher. The one thing all of these experiences had in common is that overall she was the organizer of whatever needed organizing. Becky lives and works in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, Washington.

eMail: becky@bg5businessinstitute.com