Test Drive the BG5 Foundation and BG5 Certification Course!

Test Drive the BG5 Foundation and BG5 Certification Course!

Test Drive the BG5 Foundation and BG5 Certification Course
Replays of the First Class are Now Available!

This is one of those rare opportunities where you can try the first class of BOTH the BG5 Foundation Course and the BG5 Certification Course for FREE!!  The Replays of Thursdays classes are NOW AVAILABLE!

The sneak peak of both the BG5 Consultant Certification Course and  BG5 Foundation Course will be available until Thursday, January 25, 2018.  This will also give you an opportunity to explore our student area and our online classroom.

We are excited to have you join us!  Sign up for the replay of one or both of the courses below.

Look forward to getting to know you!

BG5 Foundation Course

Explore Your Personal Operating Style and begin to unlock your potential in Semester 1 of the BG5 Foundation Course. In this course we will uncover the essence of how you are uniquely designed for success both personally and professionally and discover how to fulfill your Career Design in healthy ways and how to avoid the consequences of operating in unhealthy ways.

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BG5 Foundation Course – Free Trial Class

Available until Thursday, January 25, 2018

BG5 Consultant Certification

In Semester 1 you will learn how to empower and support your clients with a BG5 Career Design Overview. The BG5 Career Design Overview is designed to introduce your client to the fundamentals of their Unique Career Design. The Overview is also an essential element in a Partnership Analysis, Alpha One Leadership Analysis and Small Business Penta Analysis.

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BG5 Certification Course – Free Trial Class

Available until Thursday, January 25, 2018

5 Simple Steps To Unlock Your Hidden Potential

5 Simple Steps To Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Webinar Replay Now Available!


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BG5 Presents an Introductory Webinar:

5 Simple Steps to Unlock You Hidden Potential

How to Unlock your Greatest Gifts with BG5, the World’s Most Advanced Career and Business Analysis Tool

Many of us feel unfulfilled with the day-to-day world of our job, career, and business. You may be working at a job just to make money, while wishing you could do what you love instead. Or, you may be doing what you love, yet struggling to pay all the bills. You may be making enough money, but feeling unsatisfied in your current line of work, or just knowing deep down that something important is missing.

The world is filled with frustrated individuals – over-worked and under utilizing their vast resource of potential gifts, talents and genius.

What if you could pull back the veil, and see how uniquely you are designed to achieve your highest potential in the working world?

What if you could do the same for others – for family, friends, coworkers, and employees?

In this one-hour webinar you will be introduced to the world’s most advanced human analysis tool and learn how it can reveal your true hidden potential.

We will explore the secrets of…

  1. How to best use your energy in a career you love.
  2. How to communicate with others effectively.
  3. How to confidently make the best decisions in any situation.
  4. How to identify your consistent strengths that you can rely on 24-7.
  5. How to quickly recognize what throws you off track and distracts you from achieving material success.

Please join us!

Webinar Presented by:

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To Gain Access to the Webinar Replay.

You will receive an email with the login information to access the Webinar Replay, download the webinar handout and more!

BG5 Career & Business Open House – Why BG5 is a Good Investment.

BG5 Career & Business Open House – Why BG5 is a Good Investment.

Recorded BG5 Webinar Event

“Why BG5 is a Smart Investment BG5 Career & Business Open House”

Curious about how BG5 can help you understanding yourself and others in terms of career and business?

Whether you are interested in exploring how BG5 can improve your career development, or you’re already a Human Design Professional and want to expand your practice, BG5 is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Help your clients with their career and work decisions; help small businesses engineer their work teams for an improved bottom line and a healthier work environment, and more!

You’re invited to join us for a virtual Open House. Come join us to learn about the exciting educational opportunities available using BG5 to unlock you and your client’s hidden potential.

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Unleash Your Profit Potential


Many of us struggle financially – working hard, yet just getting by.Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshops

  • What if you could tap into your true underlying strength and super power?
  • What if you could see specifically what is distracting you from achieving success and throwing you off track?
  • What if you learned specific ways to tap into your profit potential?
  • What if you could take advantage of how you are designed to market and sell your products, services or skills?

The Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshop Series will give you a deeper understanding of each of the 9 potential profit centers of your Unique Career Design to give you access to your hidden financial potential.

In each of these Workshops we will take you on a personal journey into understanding how you are uniquely designed to operate from 9 different perspectives.

  • Identity/Direction – March 8, 15, 22
  • Energy Resource – May 17, 24, 31
  • Will Power – July 12, 19, 26
  • Communication/Action – Sept 13, 20, 27
  • Inspiration And Conceptualization – Nov 8, 15, 22
  • Survival Instinct – Jan 17, 24, 31 – 2018
  • Emotional Intelligence – March – 2018
  • Drive/Stamina – Recorded Workshop – 2017


  • 24 LIVE 1.5 Hour Workshop Classes
  • 3 Self-Study BONUS Classes on Emotional Intelligence
  • Recordings & Handouts for each class
  • Observation and experimental exercises between classes
  • Interactive Forum for each class to connect, share and ask questions

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Who Am I and Where To Go?

Identity and Direction BG5 WorkshopWe will continue the journey of the Profit Center Functions on March 8th with exploring how to Unleash Your Profit Potential through Your Identity and Your Correct Direction.

Wednesday – March 8, 15, 22 – 2017
10 am Pacific (18:00 GMT)  1.5 hour classes

Who am I?   Where am I going?

These are the eternal questions as we search for who we really are and where we are going in our life, career and work.

In this workshop will explore the question…”Who Am I and Where To Go to access wealth, success & dough?”

This playful rhyme exposes our desires for money, wealth and success. However, when we explore your profit potential, the first thing to realize is that there is no material direction except for what is absolutely correct for you. You always get precisely what you need. It isn’t always what you think you want  – but it is precisely what you need.

If you cannot take in resources according to the signature of your Unique Career Design it will not mean anything and money will always be a struggle.

Unleashing Your Profit Potential is simply a byproduct of being able to navigate correctly in the physical world according to your Unique Career Design.

In this workshop we will…

  • Explore and understand specific unique aspects of your design that will lead you in the right direction by understanding yourself.
  • Have in-depth exercises in and between classes to practice
  • Learn to become the objective observer of the personal effects of loving yourself and following your true direction
  • Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others
  • Ask questions and get answers

CLASS 1: Understanding How You Are Designed to Navigate through Life & Career While Loving Yourself.

Gain profound insights into how you are uniquely designed to find direction and love in life and work.

CLASS 2: The Wisdom of Dealing with the Shadows of Feeling Lost and Unloved in Productive Ways

If you have the Identity & Direction Function undefined it is important to be aware of how you can easily get lost or misdirected by others to take action. We will explore how to handle the impact of others and turn it into deep understanding and wisdom.

CLASS 3: How to make money and promote your products or services through the power of your Identity & Direction

We will explore the Identity & Direction Function from a profit center perspective. What are the eight possible ways to make money and promote your business rooted in people’s the desires, needs and longings to understand their own identity, love and direction.

  • Recordings will be made available if you can not attend live
  • You will also have access to an interactive forum to ask questions, share your experiences and connect with others.
  • There will be practice assignments between sessions to observe and experiment with what you learned in class.
  • Be prepared to Share (if you choose).  Some of the best learning comes from the real-life experiences stared by fellow students

Each workshop (three classes) is regularly $175

Take advantage of the introductory price for the Identity & Direction Profit Potential Workshop at only $145 – You save $30!  Register Here >>

Complete Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshop Series

Want the Entire Unleash Your Profit Potential Workshop Package?  Purchase them together and SAVE BIG!
$997 for the Entire Package  (Regularly $1400 if paid for each class individually – SAVE Over $400)

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