Presenting the New International BG5™ Business Institute

Presenting the New International BG5™ Business Institute

Hello Everyone!

We have been very busy for the past several months getting ready to launch the new International BG5™ Business Institute. And I am so excited to now be able to share it with all of you.

Presenting BG5™ (Career & Business Analysis) to the mainstream world was a vision and dream of Ra’s. He felt that, if presented correctly, we could help to improve the lives of so many individuals, families and communities. We all need to make our way in the material or business world – to provide for others and ourselves.

BG5™ presents the knowledge of Human Design in a new way. The BG5™ Career & Business Design System is not a personal development and enlightenment tool, but rather a way to show people the how, why and where they are best suited in the business world. It’s best to hear it in Ra’s words:

“BG5™ is not directly connected with what we would call the spiritual or awakening domain. It’s business. And the goal (with BG5™) is not to be awake. The goal is to improve the bottom line. It means that material capacity, material potential, is something that needs to be understood very deeply in the design of a human being in order to be able to give them the tools that they will need to be able to operate correctly in the future, and be able to bring the material resources that they’re going to need into their lives.”  Ra Uru Hu.

When Ra and I discussed his vision for the IHDS, one area that he gave significant importance was BG5™. He was a compassionate man, and he cared about the well-being of his fellow humans. As many of us know, he spoke quite often about the plight and struggles of others. He felt BG5™ was one way in which he could help. That it could provide an avenue for the entire world – no matter what their fractal and interests – to have an easier time interacting with the world around them.

I’ve been busy with many aspects of the IHDS since 2010, but I have always had BG5™ on my radar as something I knew I needed to devote special attention to. It was just simmering on the back burner, staying warm, until I could bring it forward and follow through with Ra’s wishes.

And now it is a reality. The BG5™ Business Institute was created to give this body of knowledge its own focus and prominence in the business and career coaching and consulting marketplace. As were Ra’s wishes, BG5™ is now accessible to the world with its own platform, a rich and robust training program with dedicated teachers, and an opportunity to provide a truly revolutionary method of interacting with the business world to the general public.

The BG5™ Trainings currently offered:

Track 1 – The BG5™ Fundamentals establishes an understanding of the BG5 System and is comparable to the IHDS Foundation courses. Those that have already taken the IHDS Foundation Courses through any qualified IHDS teacher, meet the prerequisites to begin Track 2.

Track 2 – The BG5™ Consultant Certification Program certifies students to provide Career and Business services to individuals and to businesses, and establishes an understanding of the Career and Business Analysis Tools that are needed.

Track 3 – Large Business Analysis Certification (OC16™) This optional track trains a BG5™ Consultant to work with and help engineer and/or reengineer Large Businesses and Groups.

In addition to the English Language program, we also have Spanish, French, German and Italian Language Programs starting soon. We will add other languages in time.

All of the details of each of these programs, as well as an introduction to the BG5™ Staff and Faculty will be available on the BG5™ Business Institute website, and in future newsletters.

Just to give you a taste of more to come, here are some of our plans for the future:

  • Begin a Professional Development Program for Human Design and/or BG5™ Consultant professionals. The goal of this program will be to provide you with the tools to help you be a success at your business.
  • Provide a BG5™ Consultant update program to bring all previously trained BG5™ Consultants current with the new terminology, material and tools for your individual business.
  • Establish a private BG5™ Consultant graduate forum for questions and answers and the sharing of information.
  • Create material and tools to assist the BG5™ Consultants with quality and consistent branding to deliver professional products to your clients.
  • Make available a more robust BG5™ Consultant listing on the new BG5™ Business Institute website to give you and your business more visibility.
  • Conduct open houses and information webinars to publicize and market BG5™ services to targeted markets creating more visibility and business for all BG5™ Consultants.
  • Social media campaigns to broaden the BG5™ outreach into the career and business communities.

We are looking forward to sharing more with you soon – and please feel free to email us with questions at any time.


To sign up for the BG5™ Business Institute newsletter for future information and announcements, click here.

BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program

BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program

Hello Everyone,

BG5™ Career & Business Consulting is an area of Human Design that holds tremendous value for people. To be able to consult with clients on how they best fit into Career and Business, is liberating. When you can help someone understand their Career Design or Working Design or Partnership Design or Executive Management Design, you have given them a true gift. And it takes real skill to articulate these things to your clients.

In the BG5™ Consultant Training Program you will learn how to meet with your clients to gather information about their work and business so that you will be able to coach and consult them in the areas that they need most.

Is your client an Innovator that gets the ball rolling as the idea person, that has the “what”; or a Builder that can build and grow a business, a workhorse that has the “how”; or an Advisor who can direct the action of others, including administration and leadership because they “see”; or a Evaluator, an indispensable advisor, assessor and “condition” monitor? And within the groups there are many variations of skill sets.

And once you know where they fit into the Career Design picture, do you know how to advise them and consult with them? We each have an operating mode in terms of how we best interact with others, groups or one-on-one and we each have a personal decision making strategy that might involve an instantaneous knowing, gut instinct, time to consider or some may even require advisors. And once we know these things how do we explain it to them within a career or business setting so that it helps them in their working life?

These questions and many many others get covered and answered in the BG5™ Career & Business Certification Program. Come and join us and add value to your clients by upgrading your ability to help them. The demand for this type of service is going to continue to increase. We are very excited to offer BG5™ training in a way that truly helps people in all aspects of business. Click here for a course description.

Best wishes,

Success Myths That Keep Us Struggling: Myth 2

Success Myths That Keep Us Struggling: Myth 2

Our mind is the best place to make decisions that lead to success.”

How do you make decisions?

In the mind – of course!  At least that is what most of us have been taught.

Many of us have learned NOT to trust our gut, or our intuition, or our own inner knowing. We may get those flashes of insight or that gut feeling, but more often than not we ignore it or allow our minds to second guess what we know in our heart or in our gut.

As a BG5™ Business Consultant one of the most powerful things my clients learn is how to trust their own unique Decision Making Strategy.  If you think about it, success is all about making the right decisions at the right time.  When you know how you are designed to make decisions with impeccable timing and you follow that decision making strategy – satisfaction, success and peace naturally and easily follow.

In my opinion, this is the MOST IMPORTANT element to success!

Now believe it or not – NONE of the ways we are best designed to make decisions are in the mind.  None of them!  It is all about “getting out of your head” and trusting your body’s infinite wisdom.

There are essentially six different decision making strategies.  I’m only going to briefly cover one, but it is essential for you to discover and understand your own unique Decision Making Strategy. When you receive a BG5™  Career Profile Analysis you will gain a much deeper insight into the specifics of how you are uniquely designed to make the best decisions for you.

My Decision Making Strategy is to “Wait for Clarity.”  50% of the population is designed to “Wait for Clarity” before making a decision.  If this is your Decision Making Strategy, like me, you should never make spontaneous decisions – especially on emotional highs or emotional lows.

If I make decisions on an emotional high, everything is a “yes!”  I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted in business seminars that pump up your emotions to a high and then sell you all these “amazing” products that will solve all your problems.  I used to buy everything immediately and then the next day (after I’ve come down from the emotional high) I am left wondering “What did I just do?”

The same is true about making decisions on emotional lows.  Never decide to leave a relationship, move out, or quit your job from a place of being emotionally low.  These types of decisions will most likely lead to a lot unnecessary chaos and confusion.  Instead, “Wait for Clarity!”

One of the best ways to insure that you are waiting for clarity is to “sleep on it” before making a decision, especially any big decisions.  When I am presented with an opportunity I always say, “Let me sleep on it and get back to you.”  This gives me an opportunity to “feel” through the emotional ups and downs of what that decision may bring.

When the timing is right an emotional clarity seems to just “click” into place.  There is a moment when I feel in my body a clear “Yes” or a clear “No.”  This clarity gives me a sense of inner peace or inner knowing.  The best way to describe it is that it just “feels” right and the decision is clear.

However, the second my mind gets in the way, I start to feel an uncomfortable pressure and begin second guessing myself with all the “what ifs” and “buts”.  When I try to make a decision from my head I often get lost in doubt and confusion. This can often paralyze me or keep me spinning in my head so I never make a decision or I make a justified bad decision.

It is amazing how often I can feel a very clear “NO!” – And then my mind jumps in, wanting to justify why I should say “yes” instead.  “Oh, but you need the money.”  “It won’t take you very long, just say yes.” “You don’t want to disappoint anyone.”  “You don’t want to look bad.” Blaahhh, blahhh, blahhh.  How easy it is for my mind to completely throw me off track.

However, when I trust my Decision Making Strategy and “Wait for Clarity,” it gives me an unbelievable sense of inner strength and confidence.   It has given me the permission to wait.  To not rush decisions and to trust myself at whole different level.

I have learned that even when the experts encourage me to follow their advice, although it might be right for someone else, it is not always right for me.  I have to follow my own inner truth, my own inner knowing and my own inner clarity.  When I feel that inner clarity, it is both the right time and the right decision for me.  These are the decision that have paved the way to my success – including financial success.

Imagine knowing how to make decisions, and having the upmost confidence it is the right decision for you at the right time. Through understanding your unique Decision Making Strategy you can learn to clearly identify what is correct for you or not.  When to clearly say “Yes” and when to clearly say “No.” Think of the stress and pressure it would eliminate from your life.  That stress and pressure is the direct result of trying to make decisions in the mind.

So, “get out of your head” and learn to trust your true Decision Making Strategy!

Don’t know what your true Decision Making Strategy is? Sign-up for a BG5™ Career Profile Analysis to gain amazing insight and wisdom on how to operate successfully as yourself in work and in life.

The BG5™ Success Code

The BG5™ Success Code

Hello Everyone,

Over this past weekend Bethi Black and I met with a Human Resources manager to talk about BG5™. We had a lovely meeting as we discussed the many benefits that the BG5™ Success Code brings to the table for individuals and businesses. She is an “Advisor” among the BG5™ Career Types, and she has seen first hand how BG5™ helps.

She talked about how it has already helped her. She recently went through a transition at work, and she said without knowing about herself through this information it would have been a harder transition. But, with information and understanding, comes a sense of confidence. She understood the situation based on what she had learned and she waited patiently while the environment around her settled down after the change.

And she got through it with much less personal stress than if she had not known how to interact best with new colleagues and in new office and team situations. She was also able to deal with her teammates without taking the initial uncomfortableness personally. She understood the dynamics better and her only regret was that she did not have charts available for the entire team to help her advise even better.

She has since been introducing this knowledge to other co-workers as she honors her own personal interaction and decision strategy. She is a fan and will be using the tools for many years to come.

The BG5 Success Code changes lives! We left the meeting with this lovely person feeling very satisfied about the work we are doing.

Best wishes to all,
Lynda Bunnell

Success Myths That Keep Us Struggling: Myth 1

Success Myths That Keep Us Struggling: Myth 1

You must work really hard and go out and make things happen to be successful.

Have you ever been told that in order to be successful you must work really hard and go out and make things happen?

I spent most of my life believing this to be true. Yet no matter how hard I worked, no matter how hard I tried to make things happen, I still struggled.   I became a self-development junky trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  Mindset training, Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, Enneagram, etcetera and so on.  Each of them gave me some great insights, but I was still struggling and frustrated.

Everything changed the day I learned about my unique BG5™ Career Type through the BG5™ Career & Business System.

Did you know that less that 10% of the population is actually designed to initiate things, and go out and make things happen?  That means that more than 90% of us are NOT designed to “make things happen.”

This came as a huge shock to me!  If you are not designed to “make things happen” what do you do?

I discovered that my BG5™ Career Type defined how I can be successful in the world without having to “work really hard” or “go out and make it happen.”  It helped me understand how I can easily and successfully utilize my energy, and interact with others to get the maximum results and the most satisfaction!

Are you designed to “got out and make it happen?”  Or not.  Here are the four different BG5™ Career Types.  See if you can identify which type is uniquely you.


The first Career Type and the ONLY type designed to initiate and “go out and make it happen, “are INNOVATORS.  Making up only about 8% of the population, Innovators are here to get the ball rolling.  If you are an Innovator, you are exceptional at manifesting what you envision.   You can act independently and initiate actions that impact those around you.

What I have found through my experience, however, is that if you are an Innovator you probably have the hardest time manifesting.  This is because you may have denied or contained your “powers” just to fit in.   You may feel like there is something wrong with you, so you try being like everyone else to belong.

An Innovator client I worked with was angry and extremely frustrated with her life.  She had been following and studying many current systems such as the Law of Attraction, and was trying hard to patiently wait for things to come to her.  She felt like there was something wrong with what she had always done to be successful – which was going out and making things happen.

When she learned that she was an Innovator it was like a giant weight had been taken off her shoulders and her life took flight.  I taught her that an Innovator can clear the way to making things happen by “Informing others before taking action.”  The reason many Innovators have trouble manifesting is because they shut down when they feel a constant resistance from others.  An Innovator’s actions impacts those around them, and many people can feel threatened by the impact and put up resistance. When Innovators learn to inform others before they take action the resistance dissolves and they are freed up to be themselves and “make things happen!”

Builder – Classic Builder

The second BG5™ Career Type is a BUILDER.  There are actually two types of Builders – Classic Builders and Express Builders.  I discovered that I am a Classic Builder and I am NOT designed to “make it happen.”   In fact, when I do try to make it happen it is a lot of hard work that usually ends up in frustration.  Like I mentioned, I always thought there was something wrong with me.  I wasn’t focused enough.  I wasn’t committed enough.  I wasn’t good enough to make it happen.  I thought all I had to do was work a little harder and then I could make it happen, but the harder I worked the further and further I moved away from my goals instead of towards them.  No wonder things were such a struggle!

Classic Builders make up approximately 37% of the population.  If you are a Classic Builder, you are here to do the work you love and love the work you do.  When you love what you do, you naturally recharge your batteries and can go, go, go to create, build and produce with both joy and ease.  As a Classic Builder, you know you are on the right track when you feel satisfied and know that you are off track when you feel frustrated.

The key to being a Classic Builder is to “Wait to Respond.”  This means waiting for opportunities, situations and people to come to you vs going out and making it happen.  Classic Builders are like huge magnets.  If are operating properly as a Classic Builder, you will naturally attract exactly what you need at exactly the right time, and often it’s better than you could have even imagined it.  When you are trying to “make it happen” you cannot see and don’t even notice the opportunities before you, and make things way harder than they need to be.   I know this very well from first hand experience!

As I looked back, all of the most amazing opportunities I’ve had in life came to me and I didn’t try to make them happen; working at ABC television, performing around the world in the international cast of  Up With People, becoming a trainer and a BG5™ Business Consultant, etc.  All of these opportunities came to me when I was open to receive and waited to respond!

Builder – Express Builder

The second type of Builder is an Express Builder. Express Builders make up about 33% of the population.  Express Builders, like the Classic Builder, must “Wait to Respond” first but then they have the ability to jump into action quickly.  If you are an Express Builder, you will often find yourself restless and impatient – ready for action at any moment.

If you are an Express Builder, you are like the Classic Builder in that you are here to do the work you love and love the work they do, and you are like a magnet pulling people, opportunities and situations to you, but you have the added gift of efficiency.  You can jump into action and quickly manifest as long as you wait to respond first.  You can easily see which steps are essential and which steps can be skipped. This can cause you to move through a task so fast that you miss a step or two and have to go back.  This can lead to frustration.  To avoid this frustration slow down enough to be able to pay more attention to your response as the process unfolds.

When working with Express Builders, the first thing I often have to teach them is how to slow down and to wait to respond.  This has been the key to unlocking their success.  When they are living true to their design, life is no longer “hard work.”  It is a joyous expression of doing what they love to do, and fully trusting and loving themselves.


The third BG5™ Career Type is an Advisor making up approximately 21% of the population.  My husband is an Advisor, so I’ve gotten to know Advisors very well.  I used to get frustrated when he could not go, go, go like I could as a Classic Builder.  What I discovered is that Advisors are not designed to go, go, go and if they do they can easily burn themselves out.   They have no built-in “motor” if you will, like the Builders.  Advisors are here to lead, guide and oversee.  They have an amazing ability to see how different people with different levels of energy can work together most effectively.

The biggest problem for most Advisors is that they believe that can initiate like an Innovator, or go, go, go like a Builder.  Often this will leave them with a feeling of bitterness when things are tough and do not flow easily.   I have witnessed this first hand as my husband tried initiate things with his business and make things happen.  The harder he tried, the more he seemed to be pushing opportunities away and the more bitterness he would express.  This becomes a downward spiral for most Advisors.  When Advisors are operating true to their design, the bitterness goes away and they feel true Success!

As an Advisor, the key for you is waiting for recognition and invitation.  Often when I explain this to an Advisor their first reaction is panic:  “What if no one recognizes me?”  “What if no one invites me?”  When you are living true to you design as an Advisor, you are naturally recognized and naturally invited.  When you are recognized and invited this is when where you truly shine!

It was amazing, as soon as my husband stopped trying to “make it happen” and began to fully understand how he was designed to operate as an Advisor, opportunities started coming to him!  Others began recognizing him and inviting him to share his knowledge, skills and expertise – removing past bitterness and turning it into success!


The last type is very rare.  Only 1% of the population is an EVALUATOR.  Evaluators see the world in an entirely different way and live by a completely different set of rules.  They are here to mirror and reflect the health of the individual, environment and the system as a whole.  Like the canary in the coal mine, they can give us the first warning signs if something is not right or toxic in the environment. They also carry great wisdom, and are great at facilitating group processes.

Like the Advisor, the biggest problem for most Evaluators is that they believe they can initiate like the Innovator or go, go, go like the Builder.  If you are an Evaluator, this will lead to a feeling of disappointment and can make life seem very difficult and discouraging.  When Evaluators learn to live fully as themselves, they will begin to experience the beauty of surprise and wonder in every moment.

I have the honor and privilege of working with an Evaluator as one of my clients.  Supporting her to fully live her design has opened new doors to her success, and has allowed her to fully accept the power of her uniqueness.

So those are the four BG5™ Career Types that are key to understanding your unique brilliance: Innovators, Builders, Advisors and Evaluators.  Which type did you identify with the most?

So, in truth, ONLY if you are an Innovator are you designed to “make things happen.”  If you are NOT an Innovator, then initiating and making things happen actually has the opposite effect – causing struggle, frustration, bitterness and disappointment.  As I continually practice allowing people and opportunities to come to me as a Classic Builder, I am constantly amazed at how easy, fun, and successful life can be.

When you are living true to your design, no matter what your BG5™ Career Type, things cease to be “hard work” and you are no longer left struggling wondering what’s wrong with you or what is wrong with others.   Living true to your design opens up a life and career of ease, success, satisfaction and peace.

Want to know your specific BG5™ Career Type?  Sign-up for a BG5™ Career Profile Overview Analysis or BG5™  Full Career Profile Analysis to learn more about how you are best designed to operate in the world and achieve success!