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BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification ALL 4 Semesters - Course Starting May 19, 2021


$4,800.00 $5,600.00

Also available with a payment plan : 14 monthly payments of $375.00

BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification

"Coaching Others to Align with the Most Authentic Way to Profit By Simply Being Themselves"

By the end of this Four Semester Course, along with the completion and approval of the Final Semester Project, you will be able to deliver the following analysis and ongoing coaching to your client and become officially certified as a BG5 Profit Potential Coach. 

BG5 Profit Potential Analysis
You can deliver an individual BG5 Profit Potential Analysis or include the information as part of the BG5 Career Design Overview or full Analysis. You will learn how to synthesize the wisdom potential of your client along with their strengths, public role and life work to give a clear view of how your client can best profit and offer their product or service to others in the most correct and authentic way. 

BG5 Profit Potential Individual Coaching
Learn how to work with your client or business owner through a series of coaching sessions to help them gain clarity on how they are designed to operate correctly personally and professionally; what their unique selling proposition is to position themselves correctly in the marketplace; aligning themselves with their mission, vision and values and who they are designed to serve as an individual or a company.

BG5 Profit Potential Group Coaching
Use the material to coach a group of individuals through the practical process of discovering how they can fine-tune their unique BG5 Career Design to access their wisdom; be aware of what throws them off track and distracts them; and how they are naturally designed to profit.

Other Services You Can Offer with this Certification

  • Helping a client write a resume that truly speaks to their gifts, talents and abilities. 
  • Empowering a client to write their website or LinkedIn copy that speaks authentically to who they are and what they provide.
  • Support an Individual or business to clarify their Mission, Vision, Values, USP and who they are designed to serve.

Four Semesters
Weekly observations and assignments are required to take this information in at a deep level - knowing it for yourself personally so you can
also recognize the potential in your clients. 

Here is what you will learn in each semester.

Semester 1
How can you profit by being you? This is the question we will answer in this first semester of the BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification. Through this program we will explore your most natural way to profit by fine tuning what is defined in your design and becoming open to the wisdom of what is undefined. The goal is to empower ourselves and others to profit correctly by sharing our wisdom doing what we love. In Semester 1 we will focus on the first two of the nine Profit Functions of our Career Design – Drive & Stamina and Communication & Action. In Semester 1 you will learn...

  • What is necessary to Profit by simply being yourself
  • Tap into the natural pressure to survive and thrive
  • Understand how to use our Drive & Stamina in a healthy way
  • Get familiar with the different voices of Communication – knowing what is your voice and what is not
  • Recognizing our manifesting abilities and wisdom potential in pressure and expression
  • And Much More!

Semester 2
In Semester 2 we will continue our journey into profiting by being you, exploring the next three of the nine Profit Functions of our unique Career Design. We will explore our Identity and the importance of love and direction: the source of the Builder’s power in the Energy Resource; and the motivating power of our Will. In Semester 2 you will learn…

  • The source of Identity, love and direction in our lives and its wisdom
  • The importance of being in the right environment
  • How the Builder Energy is designed to respond
  • The importance of knowing how to ask the right questions and utilize energy properly
  • The need for a balance between work and rest to use our Willpower correctly
  • The potential shadows, distractions and health issues that can arise from not operating correctly
  • And Much More!

Semester 3
In Semester 3 we will wrap-up our journey through the Profit Functions of our Unique Career Design by exploring the three types of Awareness Functions along with Inspiration. Learn how to profit by trusting your intuition and Survival Instinct; how to use our minds properly to inspire, think, share and educate but not make decisions; and learn the nature of Emotional Intelligence and its importance in the next evolutionary step in humanity. In Semester 2 you will learn…

  • How to let go of things that no longer serve you
  • How to stay healthy and alert through your intuition, instincts and senses
  • How to use the brilliance of your mind to make a difference for others
  • How to inspire through inner knowing, confusion and doubt
  • The importance of the emotional wave and waiting or clarity
  • Healthy and unhealthy expressions of how we operate to keep us on track and aware
  • And Much More!

Semester 4
In the final semester of the Profit Potential Coaching Certification Program we will tie together all the information learned about each function and give you profound ways to deliver this information to your clients. We will explore how to practically apply the aspects of an individual’s Career Design to empower them to market, promote and make a profit in the most natural authentic way by sharing wisdom with others. In Semester 4 you will learn how to…

  • Support an individual or business get clear on their vision, mission, values
  • Create a unique selling proposition (USP) to fulfill on their life work and purpose
  • Market or sell a product or service authentically while fully being yourself
  • Understand who you will naturally attract and who you are designed to serve
  • Create coaching packages to retain regular clients
  • Access all aspects of your Profit Potential to bring success and prosperity
  • And Much More!

To be officially Certified as a BG5 Profit Potential Coach – you must first be officially Certified as a BG5 Career & Business Consultant. Upon completion this program and approval of the final project you will become certified to offer BG5 Profit Potential Coaching to your clients.


BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification - Semester 1


May 12, 2021 - July 28, 2021 with Karen Sherwood, Kristen Prochaska


BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification - Semester 2


September 22, 2021 - December 8, 2021 with Karen Sherwood, Kristen Prochaska


BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification - Semester 3


January 19, 2022 - March 30, 2022 with Karen Sherwood, Kristen Prochaska

BG5 Profit Potential Certification Profiting Through Inspiration & Awareness

BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification - Semester 4


May 18, 2022 - July 20, 2022 with Karen Sherwood, Kristen Prochaska

$4,800.00 $5,600.00