What’s Your Career Type? Are you a Builder, an Advisor, an Innovator or an Evaluator? Want to know more?
Watch “How To Access The Power of Your Career Type” below….

Knowing the fundamentals of how to access the underlying power of your Career Type can quickly put you on the right track towards success in your career and business.

In this webinar we explore each of the four foundational career types and discover …

  • The healthiest way to utilize your personal energy for maximum results
  • How to know immediately when you are on-track or off-track
  • The underlying mechanics of your type that can lead to unexpected success, satisfaction, and peace of mind.
  • How understanding the Career Type of others can help you communicate more effectively for better results.
  • And much, much more…

We believe that “by helping people excel in their work life, an overall well-being is created that increases their quality of life. Their quality of life impacts their family and community, and ultimately helps to better our world.” ~ Lynda Bunnell – Director of the BG5 Business Institute

Join Karen Sherwood,, instructor of the BG5 Foundation & Certification Courses in this one hour transformational event to get you going in the right direction in doing the work you love and loving the work you do by unlocking the power of your career type!

Enjoy the Webinar!